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Olav Hauge: Olav Hauge (1908-1994) is one of the major figures of Norwegian poetry. He lived his entire life on a small farm in the fjordland of western Norway. He was the author of seven books of poetry, numerous translations, and several volumes of correspondence.
Olav Grinde: Olav Grinde is a writer and translator whose works include Night Open: Selected Poems of Rolf Jacobsen. He lives with his wife Shelah, and they divide their time between Boston and Bergen, Norway. He runs small firm that offers professional copywriting and translation, as well as travel writing.

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Luminous Spaces

Olav H. Hauge: Selected Poems & Journals
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Paperback Book

During those years when I lived a truly spiritual life, they called me sick and locked me up.' Intense forces are in play in the writings of Norwegian poet and diarist Olav H. Hauge.

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