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A writer, mythologist and ecopsychologist, Patricia Danaher is a passionate story-teller and editor. She is the Director of Harvardwood Publishing, and president of The Jizo Foundation. Myth, ritual and ceremony form key elements of her expertise and she is considered a key thought leader in the fields of grief and ritual.Maria Tatar is an American academic whose expertise lies in children's literature, German literature, and folklore. She is the John L. Loeb Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, and Chair of the Committee on Degrees in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University.Sophia van Valkenburg is an illustrator residing in New York City. She previously worked as a software engineer before returning to her creative roots and following her childhood dream of studying art. For more of her work, visit Szu Yang is a writer and transformation coach at Whether she is creating delightful technology products or offering people crunchy radishes to practice languages with her, she cherishes collaborators who embrace curiosity and self-expression together.

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Once Upon A Fairytale

Modern Retellings of Classic Fairytales
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Paperback Book

We never forget the stories we were told as children. Even when they aren't on the top of our mind, they lurk like palm prints on the drying cement foundations of our understanding of the world.

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