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Pedram Shojai is a dynamic teacher, Taoist minister, and lifelong student of various Alchemical Traditions. A master herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, and wellness consultant, Pedram has worked with individuals, companies, and groups for several years teaching transformative practice and meditation. Pedram teaches various forms of Qi Gong (Chinese energy yoga) from the Taoist, Buddhist, and medical traditions. He has a 3 DVD set out titled" "The Alchemy of Qi Gong" (Sacred Mysteries) that won acclaim from the COVR awards.

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Inner Alchemy

The Urban Monk's Guide for Happiness, Health, and Vitality
By: |
Paperback Book
$20.95 CAD
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Art of Stopping Time

Practical Mindfulness for Busy People
By: |
Hardcover Book

We're all struggling to find time in our lives, but somehow there's never enough to go around. We're too tired to think, too wired to focus, less efficient than we want to be, and guilty about not getting enough time with our loved ones.

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$24.99 CAD
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Urban Monk

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace
By: |
Paperback Book

We all struggle to discover satisfaction and contentment in the modern world and yet the more technology we use, the more things seem to get worse. What are we all missing? What will it take for us to find our centers?

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$18.50 CAD
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Urban Monk Inner Stillness Training Program

How to Open Up and Awaken to the Infinite River of Life
By: |
Spoken Word CD
$94.00 CAD
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