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Dr. Perry Nickelston is a chiropractic physician with nineteen years in the trenches helping people get out of pain. He is the owner of the Pain Laser Center in Waldwick, New Jersey, which specializes in Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for pain relief and healing, and the owner and director of Stop Chasing Pain, an education company dedicated to teaching people how to move better and take back control of their lives from pain. He is an international speaker and teacher on movement, pain, laser therapy, and corrective exercise programs and the creator of the Primal Movement Chains: Moving Beyond Mobility courses, which are taught all over the world. He is also a writer and columnist for numerous fitness and health industry publications; a Master Instructor for Rocktape, Neurokinetic Therapy, Functional Movement Screen, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment; and a board member for the AIMLA American Institute for Medical Laser Application.

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Stop Chasing Pain

A Vital Guide for Healing Your Body, Moving Well, and Regaining Control of Your Life
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Paperback Book

Stop Chasing Painempowers readers to take back control of their lives from painto get over their fear of movement and regain a connection with their bodies. Movement is brain candy and neural nitro for the whole body. Change how you move and you change your life!

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