Randy Channell Soei

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Randy Channell
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Randy Channell Soei moved to Japan from Canada in 1985 to study martial arts. To balance his training and to follow Bunburyodoa synthesis of artistic and physical pursuitshe soon began to study Chanoyu, the "Way of Tea." He is now the highest-ranked non-Japanese teacher within the Urasenke tea ceremony tradition in Japan, actively spreading the way of the traditional tea ceremony to both Japanese and foreigners in Kyoto, Japan.

Genshitsu Sen is the 15th-generation leader of the Urasenke School of Tea and head of Konnichianthe Kyoto location where the school is headquarteredsince 1964, when he inherited the title Soshitsu, the hereditary name assigned to Urasenke's master. After ceding his position to his son and heir in 2002, his title has changed to Genshitsu, an emeritus honorific. He has served as advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Japan-U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, Japan Tourism Goodwill Ambassador and president of the U.N. Association of Japan. He has advanced the idea of "Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea" and traveled the world to spread the culture of chado and promote world peace.