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Rob Avis, P.Eng and Michelle Avis,
P.Eng own and operate Adaptive Habitat, a leading-edge property design
firm for resilient homes, acreages, and farms. As skilled Professional
Engineers with over 20 years of combined experience in project
management, ecological design, and sustainable technologies, they offer a
depth of practical expertise in building science and appropriate
technology (solar, wind, combined heat, and power), as well as
agro-ecology, ecosystem engineering, soil regeneration, onsite
wastewater treatment, and rainwater harvesting. In 2008, Rob and
Michelle co-founded Verge Permaculture, now an internationally
recognized award-winning regenerative education company, earning praise
from permaculture leaders including Geoff Lawton, Toby Hemenway, and
farming superstar Joel Salatin. They share information at from their suburban house and yard that theyve
transformed into a model of cold-climate urban permaculture in Calgary,

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