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Rudolph Herzog is the author of Dead Funny: Telling Jokes in Hitlers Germany. His documentary on humor in the Third Reich, Laughing With Hitler, scored top audience ratings on German Channel 1 and was also broadcast on the BBC. Other film projects include the hit reality crime series The Heist, a collaboration with David Glover that aired on Channel 4 (U.K.), and The Agent, which investigates the Stasis top nuclear spy and a double agent for the CIA. He is the son of the celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog.

Jefferson Chase is one of the foremost translators of German history. He has translated Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Thomas Mann, and Gtz Aly, among many others.

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Short History of Nuclear Folly

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In the spirit of Dr. Strangelove and The Atomic Caf, a blackly sardonic peoples history of atomic blunders and near-misses revealing the hushed-up and forgotten episodes in which the great powers gambled with catastrophe

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