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Sandra Duran
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Sandra Duran Wilson is influenced by scientific concepts, the dream state and the nature of materials. She loves to experiment and push the limits of paints, mediums and surfaces. She enjoys the tactile aspect of paint and what it can do, and she has always been an inventor of new ways to use existing tools and materials. She loves to paint ideas; to make them visible, beautiful and abstract so others may enter them and create their own reality. She lives and creates in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Mark, her husband and collaborator, and a bevy of feline friends.

Darlene Olivia McElroy comes from an old New Mexico family of storytellers and artists. She began making art the first time she found a wall and a drawing instrument. Her grandfather, a painter on Catalina Island, was her mentor and taught her to play and experiment with art. Darlene attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and has worked as an illustrator both in the US and in Paris. She went from creating illustration traditionally to becoming one of the most nationally recognized digital illustrators of the late 1980s. Darlene lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she paints, teaches, writes and enjoys a delightfully chaotic life with her husband, Dave, and their four dogs, Bernie, Bella, Taco and Zola.

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Awakening Your Creative Soul

A 52-Week Journey to Artistic Discovery
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Paperback Book
In a world moving from make-and-take world of business to sharing a collaborative exchange, this book not only introduces a non-threatening, empowering way for you to find your voice, it's also a guidebook using weekly art prompts and creativity for working through life's questions on personal growth and soul change.
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