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SARAHJOY MARSH is a certified yoga teacher with nineteen years of teaching experience. She has an MA in counseling and has been a student of yoga and vipassana meditation (mindfulness and insight meditation) since 1989. Marsh has been teaching since 1994 and has specialized in addiction and eating disorders since 2001. She founded Amrita, a sanctuary for yoga based in Portland, Oregon, and known for its integrated approach to yoga, mindfulness, and recovery. She regularly teaches retreats, national workshops, and international service and yoga adventures. She is also the founder of Living Yoga, a nonprofit yoga outreach organization that brings yoga to prisons, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, and transitional facilities. In 2012, Marsh founded the DAYA Foundation, a nonprofit yoga therapy center serving Northwest communities, to teach yoga and mindfulness tools to those with addiction, anxiety, or depression; to those with medical issues; and to those who otherwise would not be able to attend a regular yoga class because of social, financial, or physical constraints.

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Hunger, Hope, and Healing

A Yogic Approach to Overcoming Disordered Eating
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Yoga philosophy and practice is increasingly being used in therapeutic settings with great efficacy to help treat eating disorders.

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