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Chikamatsu Shigenori was born in 1695 into a family of retainers to the Tokugawa clan in Owari province (Aichi prefecture). He was not a professional tea master, but rather a warrior who studied and deeply enjoyed the tea ceremony. In 1739, he compiled a manuscript on the tea ceremony that remained unpublished at his death in 1778. The manuscript lay neglected until someone anonymously selected one hundred and twenty-nine of the original three hundred and five stories and published them in 1804 in the presentcollection.

Kozaburo Mori and Toshiko Mori , who are husband and wife, collaborated in producing this book. Mrs. Mori learned the tea ceremony at a Sen school, taking the tea name" of Soen. After many years of studying the classics of tea ceremony, she came upon an old manuscript of these stories in 1973, and a few years later brought out the first modern Japanese edition, on which this volume is based. Mr. Mori was Professor of English at Shikoku Women's University and Lecturer at Tokushima University. In 1980 he received the Order of the Sacred Treasure from the Emperor of Japan for his long service in education.

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