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Sruti Ram is a beloved figure in the mystical and yoga community, a name among names and a disciple of Neem Karoli Baba. During his 40-year close association with Baba Ram Dass, Sruti Ram traveled across the United States participating in meditation retreats that attracted thousands of participants. He is a renowned Formal Meditation Master who lectures on many subjects, including de-mystifying Hinduism, devotional love, meditation practices, the mysteries found in the Epic Ramayana Story, and how to live in the modern world under the influence of spiritual Love. He has appeared as a lecturer, chant leader or kirtan leader at the Omega Institute, Bhaktifest, the Mahakal Temple in India and other venues from Florida to New Mexico to India to California. His kirtans have drawn thousands.

Sruti Ram's life story is one of astonishing transformation. As a city boy with a hungry soul, he felt called by angels, yet kept his feet firmly on the sidewalks. Always drawn to a higher path, he forged a parallel career as a brilliant New York City fashion stylist on call to top designers. But he was endlessly called to a spiritual purpose - which took him, ultimately, to a secret temple sanctuary in India. There, he experienced a shattering, startling, and complete transformation. George Palmer, flashy New Yorker, became Sruti Ram, the Hindu Priest.

Sruti Ram quickly ascended as a spiritual leader in New York City, with hundreds of eager devotees flocking to his light. Wrapped in the wisdom of his teachers and with a true scholar's ability to channel ancient teachings for modern followers, he grew into a remarkable mystic and teacher. But at his peak, he was called once again to leave his fame behind for the quiet and peace of the Catskill Mountains. He became a driving force in Woodstock's vibrant kirtan scene, known as the father of Woodstock kirtan. This joyful voice for his powerful, generous spirit has taken his music and his enlightening teachings all over the world. Whether as part of Sri Kirtan with Ishwari or performing on his own, his passionate, heart-opening performances are profound experiences for all attending. Sri Kirtan's second CD, Live Your Love, reached #10 on the Billboard World Music Chart.

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The Personal History of a Spiritual Adventurer
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Born in the Bronx as George Palmer, Sruti Ram (1943-2020) was a hairstylist to the stars who journeyed to India many times—a lifelong bhakta, a devotee, a yogi.

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