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Taira Shigesuke (16391740), also known as Daidoji Yuzan, was a samurai and writer of military strategy during Japan's Edo period. He was born into a family of famous warriors and was both a military advisor and prominent teacher of military science.

Thomas Cleary is one of the best known translators of Asian literary works. He holds a doctorate in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. Cleary has translated over 70 works of martial arts philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism and religion including The Art of War, I Ching, and Soul of the Samurai, a collection of classic works on Zen and Bushido.

Alexander Bennett is a professor of Japanese history, martial arts and Budo theory at Kansai University. He cofounded Kendo World, the first English-language journal dedicated to Kendo. He holds black belts in several martial disciplinesKendo Kyoshi, 7th Dan; Iaido, 5th Dan; and Naginata, 5th Dan. His published works include Japan: The Ultimate Samurai Guide, Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai and Bushido Explained: The Japanese Samurai CodeA New Interpretation for Beginners.

Oscar Ratti (19282005) is the co-author of Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere and Secrets of the Samurai: The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan, and was a frequent contributor to martial arts books and magazines.

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Code of the Samurai

A Modern Translation of the Bushido Shoshinshu of Taira Shigesuke
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