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Terence P Ward (Mid-Hudson Valley, NY) is a journalist and practicing Pagan for more than thirty years. He has been bound to a Wiccan coven, communed with the Earth as a backpacking Pagan (aka Gaiaped), and been tapped by the Olympian gods. He manages his depression through his work as a priest to Poseidon, and he's a minister ordained through the Church of the Sacred Earth: a Union of Pagan Congregations in Vermont. Ward is also a member of the order of the occult hand.

M. Macha NightMare is an author, teacher, priestess, and ritualist with a penchant for collaboration. She is an initiate of two traditions of Witchcraft: Reclaiming and Faery/Feri, Reclaiming's root tradition. An internationally published author, Macha co-authored, with Starhawk, and edited The Pagan Book of Living and Dying (HarperOne, 1997), Witchcraft and the Web (ECW Press, 2001), and Pagan Pride (Citadel, 2004).


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Empty Cauldrons

Navigating Depression Through Magic and Ritual
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Paperback Book

Depression is a universal condition that people of all walks of life face. Author Terence Ward shares his experiences with depression and the spiritual methods he has used to cope.

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