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Thomas Hatsis is a writer, educator, and historian with a masters degree in history from Queens College. The host of the website, he has presented his research at several U.S. universities, including Yale, and published articles in the psychedelics journal Psypress U.K. He lives in New York.

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Psychedelic Mystery Traditions

Spirit Plants, Magical Practices, and Ecstatic States
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Paperback Book

Unbeknownst—or unacknowledged—by many, there is a long tradition of psychedelic magic and religion in Western civilization.

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Witches' Ointment

The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic
By: |
Paperback Book

An exploration of the historical origins of the witches ointment and medieval hallucinogenic drug practices based on the earliest sources

Details how early modern theologians demonized psychedelic folk magic into witches ointments

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