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Timothy Freke has an honors degree in philosophy and is the author of more than 20 books. He is a keynote speaker at major conferences and is regularly featured in the media internationally, as well as on websites such as Ken Wilbers Integral Naked. He has appeared in the History Channel documentary Beyond the Da Vinci Code, as well as several other programs about that work . . . and he is now completely fed up with talking about that damn book! He runs seminars in the USA, Europe, and South Africa exploring the experience of gnosis.

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Lucid Living

Life is a dream and you can wake up
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Paperback Book

After a life-time studying the world's spiritual traditions, pioneering philosopherTim Frekepresents the mystical heart of spirituality in 8 transformative principles. From his personal experience he describes spiritual awakening as similar to the experience of lucid dreaming - except now while in the waking state.

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