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Artist Tom Gottsleben and his wife, Patty Livingston, have lived in the Hudson River Valley for more than three decades. Tom's stone and crystal sculptures create an experience of the harmony and beauty inherent in nature's patterns. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Neuberger Museum of Art (Purchase, NY), Art Omni International (Ghent, NY), and the Museum at Bethel Woods (Bethel, NY); and in group shows at the annual Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood (Stockbridge, MA) and the New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY). His work is also in numerous private collections and is represented by the Elena Zang Gallery (Woodstock, NY). Together, Tom and Patty, an artist and designer in her own right, created the Spiral House and gardens that are the subject of this book. Ronnie Shushan is a writer, editor, and graphic designer. She was a book editor at Doubleday, the editor of Games magazine, created a series of Games magazine books (Workman publishing), co-authored a bestselling graphic design primer for electronic publishing (Microsoft Press). Other magazine credits include curating the art gallery section for Spirituality & Health magazine. Mick Hales is one of the pre-eminent photographers of houses, gardens and interiors working today on projects with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, gardeners, and homeowners. His work has been published in many magazines (House Beautiful, Vanity Fair, Town and Country, Fine Gardening, among many others) and he has published dozens of lifestyle coffee table books, including most recently New York Living: Re-inventing Home (Rizzoli), Living Newport (Glitterati), and the forthcoming City Green.

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Spiral House

Revealing the Sacred in Everyday Life
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Hardcover Book

An inspiring, lavishly illustrated book about how artist Tom Gottsleben and his wife, Patty Livingston, spent years building and living in a 5-story spiral house made of stone Architects, landscape designers, and artists who explore metaphysical ideas in their work will be drawn to this singular approach to architecture and design Why was an a

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