Vanessa Rochelle Lewis

First Name: 
Vanessa Rochelle
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VANESSA ROCHELLE LEWIS is a Queer, Fat, Black, Femme performer, facilitator, educator, writer, activist, healer, joyful weirdo, and Faerie Princess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. Lewis has danced across many professional and creative stages. She has been a writer and co-managing editor for acclaimed feminist magazines, Everyday Feminism and Black Girl Dangerous; a community college instructor at multiple Bay Area schools and radical transformative justice programs; a fundraiser and events coordinator for the Black Healing October, the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project; and more. Lewis is a shameless flirt who loves to swoon over life and dive deep into intimacy. Silliness and sensuality are her survival strategies. She loves the people that society forgot to love the most.

Lewis founded the organization Reclaim UGLY: Uplift Glorify Love Yourself--And Create A World Where Everyone Else Can As Well! Her vision is to co-create a world where everyone knows that they are a safe, welcomed, and valued member of their communities; has the support to dream authentically and exists in their truths; and accepts that there is no face, no body, and no person who is ugly or unworthy of love and acceptance.