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Robin Scagell is the author of Stargazing with a Telescope and five other astronomy titles. He runs Galaxy Picture Library, which is devoted to photographs of astronomy and space.

Wil Tirion is a uranographer (celestial cartographer). The minor planet 4648 Tirion is named after him. He has done the star charts for numerous books, including Night Sky Atlas: The Moons, Planets, Stars and Deep Sky Objects.

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Firefly Planisphere

Latitude 42 Degrees North
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Paperback Book

"A work of art [that] no amateur astronomer should be without."
-- Astronomy Forum

The Firefly Planisphere is a valuable tool for beginner and advanced stargazers. The previous edition, published in 2013, had star maps up to 2022. This sixth edition updates the maps to 2028.

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