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Rabbi David Shapiro received rabbinic ordination and an M.A. degree in Jewish History from Yeshiva University, and also studied atHarvardunder the mentorship of Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Twersky. He was a member of the faculty of the Maimonides School in Brookline, Massachusetts, and served as its Principal 1978-1999.Rabbi Dr Yitzhak (Isadore) Twersky (19301997) zt"l was the Talner Rebbe of Boston. He also held the Littauer Chair in Hebrew Literature and Jewish Philosophy at Harvard University. He was a unique person in that his religious sensitivity, Chassidic roots, Maimonidean philosophical temperament, and personal piety were nourished and augmented by his unusual, wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary Torah erudition and creativity.

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Divrei Torah of the Talner Rebbe
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