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Cosmic Weather Report


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

There is no Cosmic Weather Report for September & October. Cosmic Weather Report will return in December.
Due to her intensive retreat and book tour schedule, Danielle Blackwood will be on hiatus from writing the report until December's article.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations November 2018 (all times PDT)

Nov 6th Uranus retrograde enters Aries 10:50 am

New Moon Nov 7th 15’ Scorpio 11 8:02 am

Nov 8th Jupiter enters Sagittarius 4:38 am

Nov 15th Mars enters Pisces 2:21 pm

Nov 16th Venus stations direct 2:50 am

Nov 16th Mercury stations retrograde 5:33 pm

Nov 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius 1:02 am

Full Moon Nov 22nd 0’ Gemini 52 9:39 pm

Nov 24th Neptune stations direct 5:09 pm
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