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Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

November 2017

November opens with the only full Moon of the year in Taurus –November 3rd on the west coast, and the wee hours of the 4th, if you’re on eastern time. Yes, a full Taurus Moon will conjure themes of abundance, right livelihood, peace, beauty, sensuality and security. But, let’s not forget that a full Moon by definition is always exactly opposite the Sun, and the Sun is always in Scorpio when there’s a full Taurus Moon. This can potentially also bring up themes of shared resources and financial strategy, as well as the deeper aspects of life including sex, power dynamics, depth psychology, the shadow, birth, death and regeneration. So, a while a full Moon in Taurus can be a lovely sensual lunation, it is also often simultaneously polarizing some intense terrain. The ruler of this full Moon is Venus, and Venus is in one of her own signs, Libra, at the time of the full Moon. Women and women’s issues may be forefront during this lunation. The day of the full Moon also coincides with the Sun making a beautiful trine aspect with Neptune. This is a great time for creatives, intuitives, healers and romantics alike. The inspiration will be flowing. Minutes before the exact full Moon, Venus opposes Uranus, introducing potential awakening, radical truth and new ways of looking at the status quo.

Because Jupiter has just gone into the sign of Scorpio for the next year, there is more of an emphasis than usual on Scorpio motifs. Scorpio, as much as it is aligned with healing and rebirth, is also about the Shadow, both personal and collective. The collective has been saturated with the topic of shadow sexuality since Jupiter’s ingress into the sign (October 10th). Allegations against Harvey Weinstein exploded in the news followed days later on social media with women standing in solidarity against sexual assault and harassment with the viral “Me too” hashtag. This will just be the beginning. Jupiter expands anything it connects with, and in the sign of Scorpio, you can bet the conversation around these topics will take center stage. Secrets will come to light, especially if they are of a sexual nature. The hidden side of power dynamics will also be illuminated. As secretive as Scorpio can be, it is also the Truth Teller. Scorpio doesn’t sugar coat. Scorpio at its best is about emotional courage and unflinching honesty.

Mercury, planet of communication enters bon vivant Sagittarius on the 5th. And while the communication lines may be more open during this transit, Sagittarius shoots from the hip, with no subterfuge, and sometimes little tact. We feel more open minded and expansive with Mercury in the sign of the Archer. Because of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde (December 2nd  - 22nd) Mercury will transit Sagittarius until January 10th. Venus ingresses into Scorpio on the 7th. Venus in Scorpio is passionate, sexy and craves emotional intensity. She is fiercely loyal once you’ve earned her trust. However, she can also be possessive, calculating secretive and strategic. When Venus transits Scorpio, we are drawn to deep connection and intimate encounters. Surface interactions hold little appeal. We may find ourselves in discussions around shared resources and wealth. We want to know what our relationships can do for us. Talk of joint finances, wills, estate planning and who is responsible for what may arise. In the early hours of November 13th, Venus and Jupiter come together in a beautiful conjunction, blending their energies and bestowing blessings and opportunity (particularly if you have an inner planet or angle at around 7 degrees Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces). This is a good time for lovers and artists alike.  The feminine is highlighted. This is a lovely time to enjoy treating yourself to the finer things in life. Investing in beauty is worth your time.

The Moon waxes new in Scorpio on November 18th. As always, new Moons are a time to hit the refresh button, clear the slate and begin anew in a particular life area. Look to your chart and find 26 degrees of Scorpio to see where in your life you can best plant new seeds for the coming six months. Themes where we can begin again on a new Moon in Scorpio include, finances, intimacy, sexual healing, personal regeneration, practicing good boundaries, and shadow work. Emotional and psychic clearing are enhanced with this new Moon as well. Mars squares Pluto the day after the new Moon. This can be a tense, eruptive aspect. Be alert and keep safe.

A major energy shift occurs when the Sun leaves the emotional intensity of Scorpio and moves into optimistic Sagittarius season on November 21st, where it will highlight the Sagittarius part in all of us for the next 30 days. Happy birthday Sagittarius! We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Sagittarius is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this shift over the next month.  Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, meaning that it is a “threshold” sign that bridges one season to the next, and resonates through the passionate, visionary spark of the fire element. The archetype of Sagittarius embodies the Quest. Sagittarius asks us to set our sights on the goals that will expand our minds, hearts and spirits - through travel, higher education or spiritual and cultural exploration.

The month concludes with Neptune stationing direct. Each time a planet stations, the collective is steeped in the archetype of that planet for several days. With Neptune, that can mean compassion, idealism, creative inspiration and dreamy romantic fantasy. On the other hand, the shadow of Neptune can mean confusion, illusion and escapism. Our consciousness, both collective and personal, decides which aspects of the archetype we are more apt to experience.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations November 2017 (all times PDT)

Nov 3 10:23 pm    Full Moon 11° Taurus 59’

Nov 5  11:19 am    Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 7  3:39 am      Venus enters Scorpio

Nov 18 3:42 am      New Moon 26 ° Scorpio 19’

Nov 21 7:05 pm     Sun enters Sagittarius

Nov 22 6:21 am     Neptune stations Direct

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