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April 2017


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

April 2017

April is packed with retrograde planets, giving us a chance to reflect and make sure we’re on the right track. Instead of dreading retrogrades, it’s better to accept that they are just regular parts of the cycles of life, and occur for a reason. Life need not stop during these backtracking phases, but it may be wise to take a deep breath and take stock. Venus has been retrograde in Aries since March 4th, and backs into Pisces on the 2nd. It finally goes direct on April 15th.  Some of us may be having moments of clarity or moments of confusion in relationship or finances, as we sort out our own needs versus our partner’s needs, or figure out where best to invest our resources. Although this can be hard work, it’s work that’s worth the effort. Things will become clear soon enough.  Saturn also goes retrograde on April 6th until August. What are we actually responsible for? What are we carrying responsibility for that is not ours to carry? What needs firming up, or could benefit from greater commitment? Where do we need to draw the line and show up in a way that matters?

Mercury backtracks in Taurus starting April 9th through May 3rd. If you can wait, avoid signing contracts or buying tech or transportation especially in the first few days of Mercury retrograde. If you can’t wait, get the warranty and be prepared for some adjustments down the road. Remember that Mercury retrograde is a time out from the regular left brained pace of being in the world. Its actual function is so we can decelerate, be introspective and reset. If we tune into this mindset not only do we alleviate much of the stress (like water off a duck’s back)! We actually get a chance to use this energy for what it’s meant for. Reminisce, be nostalgic, take something off the backburner, gain clarity and calm in the big picture.

Pluto also makes an about face on April 20th through September. With Pluto retrograding back to 16 degrees, it may feel a little like déjà vu, giving us the chance to revisit, heal, repair and plan the next steps around something that may have started back in February 2016.

Head’s up: April 8th - 10th could be edgy. Venus squares Saturn on April 8th, and could prove to be a reality check in some way, especially in relationship or finances. Soon after, the Sun and Pluto square off, which can be an intense aspect both personally and collectively. The next day (the 9th) Mercury stations retrograde, causing potential delays and annoying glitches around travel plans, communication and projects. The 10th brings us the Full Moon in Libra. If partnership needs are not balanced, this Full Moon gives us a chance for negotiation, diplomacy and practicing our peacemaking skills, so we can move forward. Best advice: try not to have too much on your plate this weekend and through Monday if you can help it. Build in moments of refuge, and meditation. Breathe deeply from your abdomen and remind yourself that this too shall pass. On the other hand, we need to remember that challenging aspects are there to show us something that needs to be acknowledged, worked with and ultimately either integrated or let go of.

On the other hand, the following weekend – Easter in the Christian calendar – looks good! Easy aspects enhance the enjoyment of a few days off work or school with family and friends. Plan something fun.

Happy birthday Taurus! The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, bringing an end to the fanfare and bombast of Aries season, ushering in a slower paced, uncomplicated time. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, meaning it occurs in the heart of the season (spring) and resonates with the grounding, anchoring element of earth. Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs: security oriented, and happy to luxuriate in the simple pleasure of being embodied. Taurus loves her creature comforts: good food, good quality, gardening, and moments of well earned peace and solitude. Taurus is connected to Aphrodite. Do you feel good in your own skin? What does “Sacred Pleasure” mean to you? Embracing the earthy aspect of Aphrodite is about self love, rejecting beauty stereotypes and reclaiming your own relationship to your body in a healing and life affirming way.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26th gives us all time for a fresh start in some area of our lives. Check your chart to see where 6 degrees of Taurus falls – this house is the life area where you can use this energy for a cosmic reboot. Seed your new intentions around right livelihood, security, self worth, and body image.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations April 2017 (all times PDT)

Apr 2      5:25 pm                 Venus Rx enters Pisces

Apr 5      10:06 pm              Saturn Retrograde 27°Sagittarius 48’Rx

Apr 9      4:14 pm                 Mercury Retrograde 4°Taurus 51′ Rx

Apr 10   11:08 pm              Full Moon 21° Libra 33′

Apr 15   3:17 am                 Venus Direct 26° Pisces 15’D

Apr 19   2:27 pm                 Sun enters Taurus

Apr 20   5:46 am                 Pluto Retrograde 19° Capricorn 24’Rx

Apr 20   10:37 am              Mercury Retrograde enters Aries

Apr 21   3:32 am                 Mars enters Gemini

Apr 26   5:16 am                 New Moon 6° Taurus 27′

Apr 28   6:13 am                 Venus enters Aries

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