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December 2017


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

December 2017

December opens with Venus moving into optimistic Sagittarius on the 1st. We may feel a need for increased freedom, excitement and camaraderie in our relationships. This is an adventurous placement for the goddess of love that invites a rekindling of passion and exploration – upfront and direct without being coy. It’s a good time for frank discussions with a partner, growth within a relationship, and exploring new ways of relating. Go on an adventure with your loved one, even if you don’t leave your own backyard. Saturday the 2nd brings us a magical mystical trine between Jupiter and Neptune.
Generosity, compassion and hope infuses this day and sets the tone for the weeks to come. Mercury also stations retrograde on December 2nd through the 22nd. Get the warrantee on all holiday gifts that are tech or transportation related. Double check travel plans and appointments and retrace your steps to make sure you’re on the right track. Paraphrase to avoid misunderstandings. Try to avoid signing contracts or starting something brand new, although returning to something already begun is fine. Always remember the “re” strategy when Mercury is retrograde: revise, rework, renegotiate, research, etc.
The Full Moon in Gemini lights up the sky on December 3rd at 7:47 am PT, 10:47 am ET. This Full Moon is within minutes of an exact square with nebulous Neptune, with the Sun and Neptune also squaring off. As well, this Full Moon is also so close to Mercury’s retrograde station, it may result in crossed wires, blurred lines and misunderstandings of all kinds. Situations or people may not be quite as they seem. Be careful and leave nothing to chance: don’t leave your back door open – literal or metaphorical. You would not be blamed for wanting to hide with your head under the covers. You might be tempted to escape in your favorite way. Be careful and mindful around substances now. It’s easier to get in over your head than you think. Better to escape into a creative project, read a good book, or watch a movie that takes you away. You’ll be glad you did.
The Moon waxes new in Sagittarius on the 17th at 5:10 am PT, 1:30 am ET. Check your chart and find 26 degrees of Sagittarius. This house will be the life area that is most fertile for planting new seeds and making intentions that will unfold over the next six months. Setting intentions around themes related to education, travel, pilgrimage, adventure, publishing and exploration of all kinds get an extra boost right now. Sagittarius is associated with the Quest and the Hero(ines)’s journey. Set your sights high and aim for distant horizons that will bring more meaning into your life.
The big news this month is that we are about to enter a brand new major cycle. Saturn is leaving the progressive and open-minded sign of Sagittarius, (where it has been for the past three years) and ingresses into the practical, ambitious sign of Capricorn, from December 19th at 11:48 pm, PT, until December 17th 2020. This is a major paradigm shift, infusing the collective in the energy of the archetype of Capricorn. The last time Saturn transited the sign of the Goat was between 1988 and 1991. A Saturn cycle is approximately 29 years, so it is vitally important to be mindful about what you begin now, because you will be reaping what you sow for the next 29 year Saturn cycle. Saturn in Capricorn gives us the patience and perseverance to hone our skills, commit to our most important work, and step into a position of earned mastery. If you work consciously with Saturn in Capricorn, you can manifest your highest potential.
Although we will all be tested, tempered and rewarded (if we do our work), those with inner planets or angles in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) may experience Saturn’s tough but wise teachings in an immediate way. If you were born between January 1959 and January 1962, or, between February 1988 and February 1991, you will be experiencing your Saturn Return some time between December 19th 2017 and December 17th 2020. The Saturn Return is one of the most significant thresholds you will cross in your lifetime. You can contact me for a chart reading to learn more about exactly when your upcoming Saturn Return will manifest, and how you can best navigate it.
Saturn in Capricorn is a reality check. Wherever you’ve been coasting, procrastinating, in denial, or on the fence, you will be tested. Saturn is associated with structure, and structures that are sound will be fortified, while any structures with cracks in the foundation will crumble. What are the structures in our lives? Our homes, relationships, careers, belief systems etc. Again, finding Capricorn in your chart will give you a head’s up to what life area will be tested.  The idea of boundaries will be central, from interpersonal boundaries to the drawing of the line in the sand on a global level.
Saturn has been called many things: Lord Karma, the Stern Schoolmaster, the Cosmic Taskmaster, Father Time, Lord of the Harvest. Saturn is serious business, and in its own sign, Capricorn, it is doubly serious. Themes of accountability, mastery, success, and hard work are all associated with Saturn. Saturn is the Teacher, and the next three years will be a time of shaping, crystalizing and transforming viable ideas into manifestation. It will also be a time of streamlining and letting go of anything that is excessive, unrealistic, or not grounded in reality. Capricorn is a survivor. Saturn in Capricorn will call us towards our personal best: whether you are trying to get healthy, take your career or business idea to the next level, or get your degree, Saturn is also about reward for hard work.
Saturn in Capricorn demands proof that you’ve been doing your work. It favors the tried and true over the get rich quick or the instant enlightenment in three easy payments. Saturn in Capricorn likes the ubiquitous “piece of paper” that proves not only that you did your time, but what you have learned is of substance. Certificates, degrees, working with a master or mentor who is the real deal will be underlined over the next three years. In Jungian parlance, Saturn is associated with the archetype of the senex, the wise old man. This includes the motifs of the wisewoman and the Elder. Becoming part of an actual lineage will take on importance and gravity over the next three years. Self styled ego branding and ephemeral reputations built on internet air won’t cut it while Saturn transits Capricorn.
For everyone, look to your chart, and find the house(s) where you have Capricorn. This will be the life area that will be tested and ultimately strengthened by Saturn. Suddenly the themes of this life area will become important in some way. You may be called to make a commitment in this area, or take on more responsibility. You will find yourself being forced to step up to the plate. You may also find yourself having to let go of something that is related to the matters of the house Saturn is transiting.
The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st (8:29 am PT, 11:29 ET) which marks the Winter Solstice. Happy Birthday Capricorn! Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning it is a sign that begins a brand new season, and it resonates with the stable, cautious element of earth. This moment also marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Soon we’ll be noticing the return of the lengthening days. Capricorn has an intimate understanding of the gifts of practicality, hard work, and above all, perseverance.
Astrology for the Holidays

Venus ingresses into Capricorn on Christmas Eve, and conjuncts Saturn on Christmas morning. On one hand, for those who celebrate, Christmas may be a little low key this year. There may be a bit of a somber or serious note underlining the festivities. With so much Capricorn in the Cosmic Weather, security and tradition permeate the collective. Gather with your elders and share stories, recipes and traditions, remembering that you are the next link in the chain. Practical gifts are a good choice this holiday season. On the other hand, Capricorn’s materialistic bent may have some people weighing and measuring the value of certain relationships through gift exchange (“If you really loved me you would have gotten me a …!”).  New Year’s Eve brings us a social Moon in Gemini, and gatherings of all kinds should be fun. New Year’s day delivers the first Full Moon of the year in the sign of Cancer. The theme of security and family is once again underlined, with an undertone of nostalgia and home. We may want to get cozy at the beginning of 2018 with our nearest and dearest. A Cancerian Full Moon highlights family bonding, connection, relationships, ancestral ties and the creature comforts of home.

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful holiday season!

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations December 2017 (all times PDT)

Dec 1st 1:14 am Venus enters Sagitarius

Dec 2nd 11:34 pm Mercury stations retrograde

Dec 3rd 7:47 am Full Moon 11’ 40 Gemini

Dec 9th 1:00 am Mars enters Scorpio

Dec 17th 10:30 pm New Moon 26’31 Sag

Dec 19th 8:48 pm Saturn enters Capricorn

Dec 21st 8:29 am Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice

Dec 22nd 5:51 pm Mercury stations direct

Dec 24th 9:26 pm Venus enters Capricorn

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