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February 2016


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

February 2016

January was an emotionally tough month for many.  And, as Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn (endings, boundaries, the finite) we have also seen many creative guiding lights move on to the next phase of existence over the past few weeks.  With the New Moon, Mercury and Venus all joining the Sun in the sign of the Visionary, we are likely to feel like we have reached a collective turning point after the heaviness of this Capricorn season.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, The Great Awakener, archetype of freedom, objectivity and the individuation.  With Uranus and Aquarius, the adage is always to expect the unexpected, and to be open to unconventional ways of doing just about anything.

Happy Imbolc! Hail to You, Harbinger of Spring!

February 2nd marks the ancient Irish festival of Imbolc, and heralds the “return of the waxing light”.  Also known as Bride’s Day, Imbolc is a day sacred to the Goddess Brigit.  Brigit is the goddess associated with the forge, poetry and inspiration. The early people of Ireland so loved her, that when Christianity came to their shores, they held onto their beloved Brigit, and she transformed from goddess into saint.  Her holy well in Kildare, Ireland is a place of pilgrimage to this day, and each year thousands of seekers come to offer prayers, gratitude and devotion.   Imbolc is translated from old Gaelic to mean “ewe’s milk”, and signified the time when sheep would begin lactating again after a long dark winter. This was a most welcome sign that spring was finally just around the corner!   Tucked away, hidden in the womb of the earth, a flurry of secret activity is beginning. Sleeping seeds tremble and awaken, called to the warming surface to greet the lengthening days.  This is a wonderful time of year to stop and reflect for a moment on the cycle of rebirth after the dark days of winter.  

Gung Hay Fat Choi! Happy New Moon: You’re More Ready than You Think

February 8th at 6:39 am, marks the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey (although technically the Fire Monkey year begins on February 4th).  Fire Monkey year is changeable, quick moving, and keeps us nimble and on our toes.  February 8th is also a New Moon - in the liberating, status quo shaking sign of Aquarius.  This New Moon is a powerful threshold to your next chapter, a paradigm shifting new beginning.  If you have been standing on the precipice of something big, this New Moon is a green light.  Every New Moon is a gateway to a fresh start, but this particular one is here to help you shake the past and take a chance on something that clears the deck for a new chapter.  Mercury is nearly out of its retrograde “shadow” (officially out on the 14th, Valentines’ day) and it’s time to take a deep breath and slip into the synchronicity that is calling you to your most authentic self.  You are more ready than you think you are. 

Words from Poet Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day ring loud and clear on this New Moon: “… what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Think about that for a moment, and let it sink in.  The time is now to make those first baby steps towards your vision.  Aquarius as an archetype steps back and takes a look at the big picture with a wide angled lens. It has the ability to detach from the emotional currents that cloud logical thought, and often sees things from an unbiased, elevated point of view.  Take hold of this potent time to create inspiring goals for yourself that come from your unique way of seeing the world.  Take steps to liberate yourself from past patterns of doing things the way you “ought to”.  Just because you have always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the only way, or even the best way.  Take a look at your chart and find where 19 degrees Aquarius falls.  What house is it in? This will show you what area of your life is ripe to plant new seeds of intention around individuating into your most authentic self this year.

Mercury into Aquarius: Seeking New Frontiers

Joining Team Aquarius on February 13th, is Mercury, the planet that symbolizes communication, thought, and language.  Now is the time to think outside the box. Look at things with a different perspective, ask new questions, and brainstorm.  No idea is too far fetched with Mercury in Aquarius.  Flashes of intuitive brilliance and Aha moments illuminate possibilities and take you down unchartered roads.  Mercury is now also millimeters away from being completely up to speed, so if something has been stalled or on the back burner it comes around full circle, and the time is now to implement those ideas and projects.

Venus into Aquarius:  Free Spirited Connection

Venus is next in line to march to the revolutionary beat of Aquarius until March 12th.  The Goddess of Love is like quicksilver in this sign.  Intellectual, quirky and abstract, she is more interested in thought experiments and stimulating conversation than hearts and flowers.  Cool, cerebral, and idealistic, she gathers her Tribe around her, and shares ideas on social justice, intentional communities, and different kinds of relationships.  She is experimental and abstract in love, and prefers her lovers to also be friends.  While Venus transits Aquarius, expect to be more open to looking at love and relationship as a many sided crystal, with more possibilities of expression.  We might also feel drawn to socializing with different types of people than we usually associate with.  Make new connections!  The energy now is fresh, crackling and filled with potential.

Happy Birthday Pisces!

The Sun enters Pisces on February 20th at 9:34 pm (PST).  For Sun sign Pisces, happy birthday!  This is your personal New Year, and your time to shine! Look to see where Pisces is in your chart to find out where you will be experiencing this energy.   We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Pisces is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this energy for the next month.  Pisces is a Mutable Water sign, meaning that it is a sign that bridges one season to the next, in this case, winter into spring.  It also resonates with the emotional and intuitive element of Water.  Pisces is the archetype of compassion, intuition and shifting boundaries.  Kwan Yin and White Tara embody the heart of this Water sign, and are excellent deities/archetypes to meditate on now. 

Full Moon in Virgo: The Practical Priestess

The only Full Moon in Virgo all year is on February 22nd at 10:20 am, Pacific time.  Virgo is the “practical priestess”, serving through tangible hands-on improvement.    The archetype is associated with all types of ritual, and integrated daily spiritual practice. Health, healing and care of the body are all Virgo preoccupations. Full Moons often bring something to light, reveal an answer, or shine light on a conundrum.  Use Virgo’s energy to find a solution in business, hone something down to its essentials, or commit to a healing practice or better diet.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations February 2016 (All times PST)

February 8th              6:39 am           New Moon 19°Aquarius

February 13th            2:43 pm          Mercury enters Aquarius

February 16th            8:17 pm          Venus enters Aquarius        

February 18th            9:34 pm          Sun enters Pisces

February 22nd           10:20 am        Full Moon 3° Virgo

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