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February 2018


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

February 2018


Blessed Imbolc: Cross Quarter Day Between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox

February opens with the promise of spring, as the ancient Celtic cross quarter festival Imbolc occurs on the 1st/2nd, precipitating a shift in our perception, and a quickening in both the earth and our spirits. Also known as the Feast of the Waxing Light, or Bride’s Day, Imbolc is a day sacred to the Goddess Brigit. Brigit is associated with both the fire and the water element, and presides over the forge, poetry and inspiration. She was a goddess so loved by the people of Ireland, that when Christianity arrived, they held fast to their beloved Brigit, and she transformed from goddess into saint. Her holy well in Kildare, Ireland is still a place of pilgrimage, and each year thousands of seekers come to offer prayers, gratitude and devotion. Imbolc is translated from old Gaelic to mean “ewe’s milk”, or “in the belly”, and signified the very important time when sheep began lactating again after a long dark winter. In the days before electricity, this would be a most welcome and auspicious sign that spring was finally just around the corner.


Smoke and Mirrors

On February 10th, Venus slips into Pisces, softening the edges and tinging the collective with romance. Venus in Pisces is intuitive, imaginative and tuned in to the collective unconscious. There is an undertone of mysterious glamor when the goddess of love is in the slippery sign of the Fishes. Enjoy it but keep your feet. As lovely and otherworldly as this energy can be, Venus in Pisces is not always what she seems. Best to wait until the fog clears and she moves into the clarity of Aries (March 6th) before making a new commitment or dissolving an old one. Smoke and mirrors and romantic projection can arise when Venus transits Pisces. On the other hand, this is a wonderful time for creative inspiration.
New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Aquarius this month coincides with a Solar Eclipse on February 15th (1:05 pm PT, 4:05 pm ET). Connected to the total Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, it’s a potent time to break new ground, move something forward, or cross the finish line. The New Moon in Aquarius can also be a wake up call to a new direction. A time to plant seeds that will be nurtured over the next six months. Look to your chart to see where you have 27 degrees of Aquarius, this house, or life area, will be where you can use this powerful energy to be wholly and completely yourself. Aquarius is the Truth Teller and the Rebel. In what area of your life is it time to say, “enough is enough”? Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus is the Great Awakener. Is there something in your life that you have been asleep to? Something you would rather keep your head under the covers about, even though you know you should open your eyes? Aquarius is also about the collective. Gathering with your like-minded Tribe and creating positive change. Saying no to oppression in all its insidious guises.
Mercury also swims into Pisces on the 17th. Be alert to someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, they may not even mean to, but boundaries are fuzzy now. The line between truth and what could be is gauzy. Although Mercury in Pisces is useful for creative work, divination, and intuitive communication, we may suddenly feel like we’re underwater in any situation that requires that we have both feet on the ground. We may find ourselves swimming in the currents of the subconscious and it will be a challenge to get a grip on instructions, expectations or deliverables.
Pisces Season: Between the Worlds

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18th at 9:18 am PT, 12:18 pm ET). Happy Birthday Pisces! This is your time! Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning it is a sign that occurs at the threshold between seasons (in this case between winter and spring) and resonates with the empathic, deep currents of the water element. Pisces is as deep as the ocean and carries traces of each previous sign within its psyche. Because Pisces has seen it all, those with the sign strong in their chart often show a remarkable depth of compassion and receptivity. Pisces is highly intuitive, making gifted counselors, teachers, poets, and artists. During Pisces season, we are drawn to meditation and yoga, the intuitive arts, and compassionate leanings. Pisces season is a magical time. Between the worlds. The last sign is always followed by first sign Aries and the promise of new beginnings. Although the cycle is collectively winding down in Pisces, within it there is the promise that life will continue, and that spring is just around the corner. Pisces season is a good time to dream, to rest and to make plans. Reflect on the year that has passed, and get ready for rebirth.

Ingresses and Lunations February 2018 (Pacific)

Feb 1st or 2nd Imbolc

Feb 10th 3:20 pm Venus enters Pisces

Feb 15th 1:05 pm New Moon 27’08 Aquarius/ Solar Eclipse

Feb 17th 8;28 pm Mercury enters Pisces

Feb 18th 9:18 am Sun enters Pisces

Mar 1st Full Moon 11’23 Virgo

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