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January 2016


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

January 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 kicks off with Mercury going retrograde January 5th through the 25th.   Mercury goes retrograde usually three times a year, (this year FOUR times!) and although we've come to dread the little glitches that can accompany it, it's actually a time to embrace! Yes, you heard that right. Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to take a step back and make sure we're on the right path. We get a chance to hone, refine and make sure what we're planning is actually viable.  We also get a chance for introspection and much needed space to breathe.  On the same day Mercury stations retrograde, the Sun makes its annual conjunction to Pluto. Time to dig deep, and do the healing work required to get onto the next chapter.

Mercury Retrograde Survival Toolkit:

Here are some guidelines on how to actually use Mercury Retrograde so it works for you!

*If you can wait for the bigger ticket items, postpone just a few weeks, while you do more research

*If you absolutely cannot wait, double check EVERYTHING and be prepared to refine later

*Triple check travel plans, and if you simply can't wait to buy a new computer or vehicle, make sure you read the fine print and get the warranty

*Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect, chill out, and revise things you've already started.  Take that manuscript off the backburner

*Confirm appointments, give yourself extra time to get something done or be somewhere

*Breathe. Slow down. Meditate. Let go of the little things that won't even matter 3 months from now. Get your reflective groove on

*Journal your thoughts.  Take a trip down memory lane and reclaim pieces of yourself that you left stranded along the road somewhere in time.  Those snippets of Self might be just what you need to heal something that has been left unattended

*Realize that Mercury Retrograde can be your friend. It's function is to get you out of your left brained, type A , full-steam-ahead mode, and help you tune into currents you wouldn't normally pay attention to.

Mars into Scorpio: The Passionate Warrior

Mars transits Scorpio from January 3rd until March 5th and then again from May 27th until August 2nd.  Some of themes of this extra long stay of the Warrior planet in Scorpio are motivation, passion and regeneration.  Use this energy for anything that requires determination and calculated strategy.  After Mars being in indecisive Libra for the past couple of months, this is push-it-through, make it happen energy that can take a project to the next level, and hone whatever we are working on to its essentials.  January 11th through 18th Mars in Scorpio will make a mystical trine to Neptune in Pisces, calling up compassion, healing, and a deep look at our wounds, with new ways of transforming our dark places into catalysts for growth.  Of course, as with any Astrological influence, the onus is on us to tune in, open our hearts and be conscious to the highest expression of a given archetype. Mars in Scorpio can reawaken our spark, our purpose, and libido if we allow it to work its subtle magic, without getting caught up in its potential pitfalls: suspicion and competition.

New Moon in Capricorn: Focus Your Ambition

The first New Moon of the year is in Capricorn, on January 9th.  This is a potent New Moon, and although Mercury is retrograde, you can still use the energy of this very practical Moon to sort out plans around career, work, security, and getting your act together on a sure-footed path for 2016.  A Capricorn New Moon invites us to make realistic and measurable goals in the material world through self-discipline and a willingness to do the necessary work towards what we aspire to.  New Moons are auspicious times to reset our energy, and are gateways to new beginnings.  To find the most fertile ground in your life to plant these seeds of intention, look to your birth chart and find the house where you have 19° of Capricorn.  This will show you what area of your life is the best place to focus your ambitions, goals and real world visions for 2016.

Happy Aquarius Season! Radical Vision

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th at 7:28 am (PST) 10:28 am (EST).  For Sun sign Aquarians, happy birthday!  This is your personal New Year, and your time to shine! Look to see where Aquarius is in your chart to find out where you will be experiencing this energy.   We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Aquarius is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this energy for the next month.  Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, meaning that it is a sign that embodies the heart of the season, in this case winter in the Northern hemisphere.  It also resonates with the objective and intellectual element of Air.  Aquarius is the archetype of the Visionary, The Wild Card, the Genius, and the Revolutionary.  Aquarius season is the time to step outside your comfort zone, and push past the limitations of what you think is possible.  What is your vision? What three steps can you take in the next month to manifest it?  Sometimes, when we are bold enough to challenge the status quo by being true to our dreams, we may encounter resistance.  Aquarius teaches us to walk alone if we must, and in doing so, we will eventually find ourselves surrounded by our true tribe, and together birth a new destiny, paradigm, or idea whose time has come. 

Venus leaves free-spirited Sagittarius for practical no-nonsense Capricorn on January 23rd.  The Goddess of Love, connection, resources and beauty gets real in Capricorn.  Themes of commitment, investment, and the bottom line come up in relationships and in business.

Full Moon in Leo: Heart Centered Authenticity

The first Full Moon of 2016 is on January 23rd, at 5:46 pm (PST) 8:46 pm (EST) in the sign of Leo.  Leo is the archetype of the Queen/King and embodies the principle of Sovereignty – the entitlement to freely express one’s unique personality with radiant confidence.  Leo has faith in the abundance of life, and is associated with the heart center, echoing themes of love, courage, affection, and luminous warmth.  Leo is also associated with the pleasure principle: luxuriating in the fruits of life without apology.  Leo revels in finding avenues for self-expression, and delights in the arts of personal adornment.  Jump into this current of Leonine energy this Full Moon, and make the commitment to show up as your authentic Self this year.


Planetary Ingresses and Lunations January 2016 (All times PST)

January 1st      6:21 pm          Mercury enters Aquarius

January 3rd     6:33 am          Mars enters Scorpio

January 5th     5:06 am          Mercury stations Retrograde 1° Aquarius 03'

January 7th     8:40 pm          Jupiter Retrograde 23° Virgo 14'

January 8th     11:37 am        Mercury Retrograde enters Capricorn

January 9th     5:30 pm          New Moon 19° Capricorn 13'

January 20th  7:28 am          Sun enters Aquarius            

January 23rd  12:32 pm        Venus enters Capricorn

January 23rd  5:46 pm          Full Moon 3° Leo 29'

January 25th  1:50 pm          Mercury stations Direct 14° 55'

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