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January 2017

Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

January 2017

The first week of 2017 begins with lovely Venus shifting into the sign of Pisces on January 3rd. Mars is already in the sign of Pisces, along with Chiron, (the Wounded Healer), and so we are blessed with a calming, soul-soothing balm to soften the edges of the ending of what was for many, a difficult year.

Venus in Pisces brings a touch of magic, a sparkling bit of glamor to the cosmic weather. We soar on the wings of imagination and possibility. This is a wonderful time for creatives – the muse is speaking and we are in the mood to be receptive to her siren call. We may also be feeling nostalgic and melancholy, but this is a sweet sojourn into other times that reminds us that the fabric of our lives is made up of many shimmering layers that dance together to make up who we are. Your dreams may be more vivid while Venus transits Pisces, bringing insight to your waking life.  Intuition is heightened, and it is a good time to delve into meditation, divination, the intuitive arts – anything which requires a parting of the veil to access the wisdom of the collective. 

Get back to your creative side. Begin that meditation practice anew.  Write, paint, draw, design. Read books that inspire. Explore a spiritual path that inspires.  This flowing empathic sense of the divine will be channelled easily into areas which are Venus ruled: pleasure, relationships, love, self worth, and the things we hold dear to our heart.  The one caveat with this delicious Pisces stellium: as heady it is to allow yourself to be swept away on a tide of oceanic bliss, remind yourself to keep your feet. Maintain healthy boundaries. And, remember that not everything (or everyone) may be all that they seem.  Enjoy it for what is. For this moment. Venus leaves Pisces on February 3rd, and returns by retrograde into Pisces again in April.

Mercury stations direct on January 8th at 1:43 am at 28 degrees Sagittarius. The past few weeks while Mercury was retrograde in Capricorn (Since Dec 18th) have been saturated in undertones of fear and uncertainty about the future. Remember that Capricorn is Saturn ruled, and thus brings up issues around fear, control, big business and government.  Capricorn in its shadow also is connected to the patriarchy, and judging by the buzz on social media, the patriarchy and state of political affairs in the world is more that a little bit on the minds of many.  Mercury in Capricorn also connected with Pluto in Capricorn over the past month, taking us down mentally into the underworld, and underlining the truly dark potentials of a racist, classist, homophobic state.  Fortunately, Mercury is in Sagittarius of January 4th renewing our faith and optimism, and allowing us to come out of a constricted place of fear, and into a place of freedom and hope.  Things will start moving along, falling into place and momentum will be gained. We will soon begin to see something more clearly that we have in awhile, and prepare to move forward on projects and ideas.

The first Full Moon of 2017 is on January 12th at 22 degrees Cancer, underlining themes of family, security, home and hearth, and our connection to loved ones. Venus conjunct Neptune bathes this Full Moon in a mysterious, romantic, ethereal glow. There is magic afoot.  It could also be an emotionally intense Full Moon.  Mercury, now direct, re-enters Capricorn today: we can finally push ahead with business ideas, and make concrete steps towards attaining goals. Something comes to fruition. The way forward is revealed.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th at 1:24 pm (PT) 4:24 pm. (ET).  For Sun sign Aquarians, happy birthday!  This is your personal New Year, and your time to shine! Look to see where Aquarius is in your chart to find out where you will be experiencing this energy.   We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Aquarius is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this energy for the next month.  Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, meaning that it is a sign that embodies the heart of the season, in this case winter in the Northern hemisphere.  It also resonates with the mentally objective element of Air.  Aquarius embodies the archetypes of the Visionary, The Genius, the Rebel, and the Revolutionary.  Aquarius asks us to be true our vision.  Sometimes, when we are bold enough to challenge the status quo by being true to our dreams, we may encounter resistance.  Aquarius asks us to fly our “freak flag proud”, so that other like minded souls can come together for the good of the many, and create positive change in the world.

The only New Moon of the year in Aquarius occurs on January 27th at 4:07 pm (PT), 7:07 pm (ET).  New Moons are the ideal time to set new intentions for the next six months. Look to your chart to see where 8 degrees of Aquarius falls.  This will be the life area for you that is the most fertile ground to plant those new seeds of intention this month.  The seeds you plant should be around speaking your truth, creating vision, and creative solution. Focus on innovation, the unique, the radical, the awakening. Mars enters Aries, the sign of the Spiritual Warrior also on January 27th, adding verve and forward momentum to whatever we’re gestating.

Happy New Year, and blessings on your Quest!


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Planetary Ingresses and Lunations January 2017 (all times PT)

Jan 2      11:47 pm              Venus enters Pisces

Jan 4      6:17 am                Mercury Retrograde enters Sagittarius

Jan 8      1:43 am                Mercury Stations direct at 28° Sagittarius 51’

Jan 12    3:34 am                Full Moon 22° Cancer 27              

Jan 12    6:04 am                Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 19    1:24 pm                Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 27    4:07 pm              New Moon 8°Aquarius 15′

Jan 27    9:39 pm                Mars enters Aries

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