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July 2016


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

July 2016

July moves us all forward, with Mars recently direct (as of June 29th). June was emotionally trying for many.  The Mutable Grand Cross that presided over the past month is finally waning in intensity.  This is welcome news for those who have felt pulled in multiple directions, confused and more than a little melancholy and heartbroken, due to Neptune’s retrograde station which underscored this Grand Cross, and permeated the collective on June 12th and the days that followed.  We have seen the dark side of Saturn in Sagittarius at work - blind faith and fear.  And, we have also seen the shadow of Neptune in Pisces - which squares Saturn in Sag - play out on the world stage: confusion, delusion, and adherence to murky ideals.

The New Moon in Cancer highlights themes of family, home and hearth, real estate, emotional connection and security.  In short, the Cancer New Moon is the Domestic Goddess.  All new starts and initiatives involved in fortifying these areas will be featured now. We might be feeling extra sensitive, intuitive, and craving creature comforts.  Perhaps nostalgia plays a part, and we can gain sustenance and wisdom for our next steps by reflecting on the past.  New Moons happen each month in a different sign, pointing out where we can best plant our new seeds of intention for the coming six months.  If you have your birth chart, look to see in what house this month’s New Moon/fresh start will be happening for you.  This is your most fertile ground to plant those seeds.  To make the most of this month’s Cancerian New Moon, think about what home means to you.  Do you like where you live? How can you make it more comfortable? Cancer is also about family and family of the heart. At the end of the day, who has your back?  The archetype of the Great Mother is also connected to Cancer, and all things associated with mothering and nurturance are underlined: food, shelter, protection and emotional safety.

On July 6th, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Cancer, delivering a message, illuminating important information, or showing the way forward. It’s a good day to put something out there, debut a project, or show and tell.

Venus (connection, pleasure, resources, what we value) moves into Leo on July 12th, weaving romance, affection and play into the cosmic weft. Tap into this heart centered energy and make some time to enjoy summer’s delights.  Plan to get away for a vacation, or just a weekend.  Venus in Leo is proud, creative, confident, but when acting from its shadow, a little arrogant, and overblown.  Mercury (communication) joins the Goddess of Love in the sign of the Lion on the 13th.  After the last three weeks of Cancer logic, which may have had us responding from our gut in an instinctual and subjective way; our interactions with others are now direct, passionate and good humored.  They can also be dramatic and peppered with grand gestures.

The Moon is Full in Capricorn on July 19th.  This Saturn ruled Moon is right between Mercury’s trine to Saturn on the 18th, and Venus’s Saturn trine on the 20th.  That’s a lot of Saturn! This can be a good time for laying a foundation, committing to something important, or creating a solid perch.  It can also be a time of harvest, completion, recognition and reaching a milestone.  This Full Moon can also show us where we need to be more accountable, roll up our sleeves and walk our talk.  It’s time to take on the mantle of authority in some way; to push past procrastination and self sabotage and commit to something that resonates with our core values.  If you’ve done your work, and paid your dues, you are more ready than you think.

 On July 22nd at 2:30 am, we shift into Leo season.  For Sun sign Leos, happy birthday!  This is your personal New Year.  You are feeling passionate and in your element.  We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Leo is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this creative, confidence building energy for the next month.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign, meaning that it is a sign that embodies the heart of a season, in this case, summer, and resonates with the ardent element of Fire.  Leo is connected to the development of confidence, and those who are Sun sign Leo, or who have Leo as a dominant theme in their chart will often find themselves in situations throughout their lives that promote the cultivation of creative self expression and leadership. Leo loves generously, and with all of their heart. They can be immersed in a project or a person with wild abandon, revelling in the romantic bliss of the moment.  When feeling insecure, and acting from the shadow, Leo can overcompensate by becoming overly dramatic or indulging in attention seeking behaviour.  They need adoration from their loved ones, but give as open heartedly as they expect to get.

Uranus stations retrograde on July 29th, and although an outer planet turning retrograde is hardly a rare occurrence, the collective is saturated in the energy of that planet when it stations either retrograde or direct.  Uranus is the “Great Awakener” in the astrological lexicon.  Another adage that is often applied to Uranus, is: “Expect the unexpected”.  This could be a turning point; a moment of reckoning.  Uranus energy is edgy and electric; jolting and spontaneous.  Think of it as a bolt of kundalini energy: charged and enlivening, but also potentially ripe with the current of sudden change.  Where do you have 24 degrees of Aries in your chart? This is where you may experience an awakening, sudden shift, or spontaneous acceleration.  I will be in Colorado during this time studying with Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with the Wolves), so I’m humbly looking forward to a profound awakening in the best possible way.

July is concluded with Mercury moving out of demonstrative Leo and into dependable Virgo. Every sign balances the excesses of the previous sign, and with the planet of communication in Virgo, we can take Leo’s fireworks and wild creativity, and streamline it into something viable and practical.

Blessings on your Quest!

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations July 2016 (All times PDT)

July 4     4:01 am              New Moon 12° Cancer

July 11  10:34 pm             Venus enters Leo

July 13  5:47 pm               Mercury enters Leo

July 19  3:56 pm               Full Moon 27° Capricorn

July 22  2:30 am               Sun enters Leo

July 29  2:06 pm              Uranus stations retrograde at 24° Aries

July 30  11:19 am              Mercury enters Virgo

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