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July 2018


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

July 2018



The Summer of Introspection: Mars Retrograde
With Mars retrograde from June 26th until August 27th, there is a real feeling of taking stock settling over us personally and collectively. Mars is our get up and go, our passion, our forward motion. It is associated with courage, initiative, the way we experience and show anger, and what we find sexually attractive. Mars is also about boundaries, and connected to the sacred masculine. It does an about face and is in retrograde motion approximately every two years. We might feel like some of our Mars energy is turned inward. We might pause in our forward motion on goals, plans and initiatives. This is good. It is like a needed moment in time to make sure we are on the right course, before we invest more energy into what we thought we wanted. Mars is strategy: it is a time to strategize, to get all your ducks in a row before your next push forward. On the other hand, as Mars rules anger, it can turn inward, or bubble away on the back burner turning into passive aggression. Old triggers may resurface, or, we might revisit an old conflict, and decide it was not worth the bluster after all. Conversely, we might revisit an old conflict and finally be able to speak our truth and let it begin to heal. We might feel exhausted, depleted, or just still for a time, as we gather our internal resources and reassess where we’re at with something.
Chiron: The Wounded Healer Stations Retrograde in the Sign of the Warrior
Chiron also goes retrograde on July 4th, at 2 degrees Aries. Aries is Mars’ associated planet, and Chiron is the Wounded Healer. This can be a good time for healing any primal wounds we may have around sexuality or anger. For example, re-examining certain patterns we may have around these themes that are not serving us. Where do they originate? When was the earliest time you remember feeling certain feelings of rage or shame connected to sexuality or anger? What triggers uncomfortable feelings around these themes? Do you allow your anger to burn clean, and create change, or do you suppress it – letting passive aggression wreak havoc in your relationships? Remember that anger turned inward can fester and become depression. It can sap our strength; our ability to act on our own behalf or on the behalf of loved ones. Revisit your relationship to sexuality and anger, and consciously begin the work of healing those areas. This will give you increased energy to use for creative forward motion in your life.
Venus enters Virgo on July 9th, bringing a sensible grounded approach to all of our relationships, but particularly those of the romantic sort. Venus in Virgo helps us see things for what they are, and make informed choices based on reality and practical analysis of a situation.
New Moon in Cancer/Partial Solar Eclipse
The July 12th super New Moon delivers the first of three eclipses this summer. Check your chart to see what house this New Moon/eclipse will occur in to get insight on what life area will be affected for you.This New Moon/partial solar eclipse is in the sign of Cancer, highlighting family, what we belong to, home, sanctuary, security, the connections and emotional underpinnings of our lives. It is also connected to memory, nostalgia, and ancestry/family ties. This New Moon is also opposite Pluto, which can mean that this eclipse may be very transformative or shine a light on something hidden, particularly if you have any inner planets or angles within 5 degrees on either side of 20’. Eclipses often accelerate the events in our lives and can coincide with something that feels fated. They can align with the closing of one chapter, and simultaneously the beginning of another, perhaps unexpected one. There is also an earth trine that coincides with this New Moon, perhaps showing us that whatever comes up, can be utilized in a practical way. Even if we find ourselves in the midst of sudden change, it is change that we can use in a tangible way.
Goddesses to work with: Demeter, Danu, Anahita, Parvati.
Crystals to work with: moonstone, blue calcite, larimar, selenite.
Happy Leo Season! Happy Birthday Leo!
The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd , heralding Leo season and illuminating the part of your chart which contains 0-29 degrees of Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, meaning it occurs in the middle of a season (in this case summer) and resonates with the ardent, creative, visionary element of fire. Leo embodies the archetypal King or Queen and aligns with the themes of creativity, individuality, the inner child and Sovereignty. Leo’s purpose is shine. To find creative avenues of self expression that are intimately tied to individuation. Leo is here to cultivate self confidence. For Leo, personal style can be a sacred embodiment of who Leo is at core, a way to discover his or her personal myth. Leo is connected to the heart center, but when he or she is out of balance, feeling not enough, or acting from the shadow side of the sign, insecurity can arise, and come out as shaky self worth, expressed as competitiveness, arrogance or attention seeking. Leo’s task is to learn self trust, and to realize that in generously sharing their gifts of creativity, self expression and inspired leadership, they come into their own in a powerful and grounded way.
Mercury Retrograde
Mercury stations retrograde on July 25th until August 18th. With nearly every other planet retrograde, this could be called the summer of introspection. Truly a time to pause and reflect. To get our bearings. All the usual Mercury retrograde warnings apply: try not to buy anything related to transportation, or anything connected to technology. Try not to sign anything important. The operative word is try, because life has to go on, and sometimes things can’t be helped. Just do your due diligence, and make sure all your t’s are crossed and your i’s dotted. Leave extra early for appointments. Double check. Paraphrase. Don’t take anything for granted. Expect that when Mercury resumes direct motion, you might have to revisit what you started and tweak it. Sometimes things started during Mercury retrograde don’t work out for reasons not understood until later. Do use this time to regroup, revisit, redesign, repair, renegotiate. Take something off the back burner and get it finished. Mercury retrograde does have its uses, and as soon as we accept that, and work with the more inner directed energy in the collective, we won’t feel like we’re fighting against the stream.
Full Moon in Aquarius/Total Lunar Eclipse
The 27th brings the Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius. It has the distinction of being the longest eclipse of the 21st century, although this one will not be visible from North America. Although some are coming up with imaginative descriptors for this “Blood Moon”, this is what the Farmer’s Almanac has to say about that: “You’ll hear some media outlets call this event the “Blood Moon” Eclipse. This is an increasingly popular name used for a total lunar eclipse, though not an official, scientific term. Put simply, the fully-eclipsed Moon turns a red or ruddy-brown color, giving it a “bloody” hue. There is no other reason. Think of this phenomenon as you would a sunset: there is less direct sunlight hitting the Moon during the eclipse, so you only see the reddish wave lengths.”
If you have an inner planet or an angle (ascendant, midheaven etc.) within 5 degrees of this Moon in any of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you may feel this Full Moon/Eclipse in a personal way in your life. Check what house it occurs in in your chart to get an idea of what life area will be affected. This Full Moon is conjunct Mars which could ignite our temper and stir our passion. Several other incendiary and tense aspects accompany this Full Moon, so it will be to your benefit to remain calm and mindful and proceed with as much patience as can be mustered. Try and count to three before reacting, as tension could be high. Watch world events around this time, something could come to a head. An Aquarius Full Moon highlights themes of the greater good, a break with the status quo, and revolution. It is concerned with humanity and activism.
Goddesses to work with: Brigit, Lilith, Sophia, Athena, Tien Mu.
Crystals to work with: celestite, kunzite, moldavite.
Ingresses and Lunations July 2018 (all times PT)
July 4th Chiron Retrograde 2’ Aries
July 9th Venus enters Virgo 7:32 pm
July 10th Jupiter stations Direct 10:04 am
July 12th New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 20’ Cancer 41 7:48 pm
July 22nd Sun enters Leo 2:01 pm
July 25th Mercury stations Retrograde 10:03 pm
July 27th Full Moon total lunar eclipse 4’ Aquarius 45 1:20 pm
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