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June 2016

Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

June 2016


As I write my very first Cosmic Weather Report from my new office overlooking a view of sparkling ocean, old growth Douglas Fir and deer with new velvet covered antlers, I am still amazed that the quest we embarked upon on to find a home in the Gulf islands on the full Moon in February has brought us to this enchanted place.  Our tiny cottage beside the house is currently being transformed into the quintessential West Coast Faery Cottage by the conjuring talents and creative building skills of (former Banyenite) Brooke Ollsin and Jacques Marmen*.  This will be the magical space where I will be doing my consultations in the very near future.  If you do come for a consultation, you will also have the option of staying in the cottage, and soaking up the Gulf Island beauty of Salt Spring! This will be an exclusive offering only available to my clients.  Please email me for details and more info at:
The New Moon in Gemini on June 4th (7:59 pm (PDT) 10:59 pm (EDT)) is a welcome event that kick starts us into gear. If things have been feeling a tad sluggish of late, we need look no further than the line up of retrograde planets that have been prompting us to slow down and make sure we’re on track.  All well and good, but it really has thrown a spanner in the works for many of us, and it’s been hard to make headway on practically anything lately. Mercury is now direct, and will be completely out of its shadow by June 8th.  You may have already noticed the forward movement on what’s been essentially in limbo for weeks.
 Look to your chart to see where 14 degrees of Gemini falls: this will be the life area where the most fertile ground to plant seeds around networking, communication, and synchronicity are.  This new Moon is a significant one.  Saturday’s new Moon in Gemini ties into a Mutable Grand Cross, which has been building since last summer – bringing in Saturn (spiritual seeking) Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) and Neptune (transcendence, possible confusion).  In English, this means movement, it means options, it means a potential scattering of energy, or, if we integrate it, a powerhouse of drive. 
Gemini is about words. Words have power. Every time we speak, we are putting something out into the collective, into the law of Cause and Effect; words create and shape our understanding and reality.  Almost all spiritual traditions use words as a means to align with the divine or put something into motion.  We speak words of intent when we commit to another in a wedding ceremony.  Pagan traditions use words in incantations and spell casting to shape an outcome.  The Sanskrit mantra Om mani padme hum is chanted and used on prayer wheels to proliferate its sacred meaning into the world.  Words can harm and malign, or heal and repair.  We need to be mindful of the words we use and say what we mean and mean what we say. This is a great opportunity to become more conscious about crafting our intentions as affirmations and send them out into the universe in a clear and creative way. This is also a perfect time to begin a writing project, or journal.
 You may feel pulled in several directions with this New Moon, and into the next month. Stay grounded. Meditate, breathe, eat good food that calms you rather than stimulates your nervous system.  There is a way to gather these seemingly disparate energies and channel them into something evolutionary.  This is a time when we can become more attentive to the ways in which we scatter our mental energy, and be focused about where we put our attention.  Spending too much time on social media? Getting hooked by headlines? What would be more productive to focus on?  Watch for synchronicity in the most mundane places. There is a message that the universe wants to deliver especially for you. 
June 6th delivers Venus conjunct the Sun.  This is an aspect filled with potential, and the attraction principle can be set in motion. What would you like to conjure in terms of relationship? Is your earning potential all that it can be? Who are your ideal clients? This is good manifestation energy, and if you want to create something important, jump on this tide and make it happen.
Mercury, now completely on track, enters Gemini on June 12th. Neptune stations retrograde on June 13th until November.  Although the outer planets station retrograde quite frequently, and are usually not experienced as immediately in the outer world as Mercury retrograde, their retrograde motion is certainly felt on a personal subconscious and collective unconscious level.  With Neptune dipping into the void, those of us who are more attuned to the subtle undercurrents, will experience heightened sensitivity and may be more “porous” than usual.  This is a great opportunity to practice good boundaries and psychic self defense.  Be discerning about the people and energies you allow into your life.  Carrying protective and grounding stones such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz and hematite will help bolster your psychic immune system.  At the same time, the next few months is a great time for creative inspiration, and a deep dive into the collective unconscious will bring up new treasures for writers, artists, and musicians.  Art work, journaling, and dance are great ways to channel some of the numinous material that arises now.
Home, family and security are themes that emerge when Venus enters Cancer on the 17th. This is an inward turn for the Goddess of Love, and emotional safety is the topic on the table.  Do we feel heard in our most intimate relationships? Are we able to express our deepest truths knowing we will be supported by the people in our life? Saturn squares Neptune on the same day.  This is a defining aspect of 2015/2016. The first “hit” was in November 2015, and the second occurs on June 17th and will be in “effect” until the first week of July.  Saturn and Neptune are very different energies.  Saturn is about reality, the topside world, commitment, structure and defined boundaries. Neptune is about transcendence, the collective unconscious, the urge to merge, fluidity and the numinous.  A square aspect in astrology means friction.  It means the two bodies in question need to learn how to dance together.  This can be a moment of integration; of blending the energies of both Neptune and Saturn so that they become a new paradigm that allows for both imagination and accountability, as well as opening up space so that a third form can be created that takes into account the need for a solid foundation so that our hopes and dreams are supported and can take root.
The second full Moon in a row in the sign of Sagittarius the Seeker, lights up the sky at 4:02 am (PDT) 7:02 am (EDT) on June 20th, magically coinciding with Summer Solstice.  Sagittarius asks us to reach for more, to expand our boundaries and look at our life as the Quest that it is. What were you doing, planning, imagining on the first Sagittarius full Moon (May 21st)? This is Part 2. What has now been illuminated since last month? What is coming to a place of culmination? On the last full Moon in Sagittarius, we had just crossed the water to our new home on Salt Spring Island.  Crossing the water is a symbol used in many mythologies and spiritual traditions to signify a rite of passage, or an initiation.  A transition from one state of being to another. On May 21st, we were in a sea of boxes, and although breathless with excitement about our next chapter, we certainly felt like it was just the beginning of our Quest. We were literally standing on the edge of a new shore, a fresh frontier, the edge of a precipice. 
The Sun ingresses into Cancer at the moment the Sun reaches the zenith of its power, the time we mark as Summer Solstice (3:34 pm PDT/6:34 pm EDT).  For Sun sign Cancers, happy birthday! This is your personal new year. We all have every sign in our birth charts, and wherever Cancer is in your chart, is the area you will experience this energy for the coming month.  Cancer is a cardinal water sign, meaning it is a sign that initiates a seasonal turning point, and resonates with the emotive, soul connecting element of water.  We are drawn closer to family and family of the heart at this time of year. Cancer is associated with generational wisdom, tradition, and the bonds that connect us to the whole.  Cancer is related to the archetype of the Great Mother; the nurturing, embracing safe womb from which we all come, and to which we all will return.  Cancer is closely attuned with the empathic nature and the feeling tone in relationships. Although highly intuitive and emotionally tuned in, when Cancer is acting from its shadow, its protective care-taking energy can become symbiotic and overstep the emotional boundaries of the ones it loves.  This is true in all kinds of relationships, whether they be parents and children, partners, or friends. Cancer sometimes has a blind spot to this kind of “smother-love”, and is often hurt, when from their perspective, all they were trying to do was be supportive. They are shocked when their loved ones react with resentment or need for space.  The lesson for Cancer is to learn to balance their need to bond deeply with another, while being respectful of where they end and their loved ones begin.
Mars stations direct on June 29th.  We’ve swept through Sagittarius and Scorpio throughout this retrograde, and traversed some interesting territory in the realm of sex, willpower, assertiveness and what it means to be empowered and self actualized.  Mars direct means the energy we have internalized and reflected upon can begin to be directed outward in a healthy new way. 

Happy Solstice!
*Check out the video “Groundwork” showcasing the natural materials building talents of Brooke and Jacques!
Lunations and Ingresses June 2016 (All times PDT)

June 4th New Moon in Gemini 14’ 53 7:59 pm

June 12th Mercury enters Gemini 4:22 pm

June 13th Neptune stations retrograde 1:43 pm

June 17th Venus enters Cancer 12:39 pm

June 17th Saturn square Neptune 8:23 pm

June 20th Full Moon in Sagittarius 29’38 at 4:02 am

June 20th Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice 3:34 pm

June 27th Chiron stations retrograde at 4:10 pm

June 29th Mercury enters Cancer at 4:24 pm

June 29th Mars stations direct at 4:38 pm

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