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March 2017


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

March 2017

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Venus stations retrograde on March 4th until April 15th. The planetary archetype that is connected to love, beauty, art, connection and resources goes retrograde every 1 ½ years for 42 days. For this six week period, we have an opportunity to reflect on the real worth of our relationships. Do we feel appreciated? Do we feel that our relationship needs are balanced with those of our partner? We may reconnect with old flames, either in the flesh, or online. Sometimes, it’s even in dream state that we meet again. Feelings of longing and nostalgia may surface, but it is a good time to cut karmic ties to people and places of the past that we still have energy invested, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Whether you’re pining for someone no longer in your life, or feel angry every time you think of the things he or she did, you’re giving them energy that can better be used elsewhere in your current life.

Be mindful of new relationships that start while Venus is retrograde: the allure of projection is running high, and the person who might seem like a prince or princess, may not be all that they appear to be once Venus stations direct. And, although it is typically not the best time to buy luxury items, or invest in cosmetic procedures, Venus retrograde is a great time to buy antiques, vintage, and consignment. Some of the best deals to be had occur in this area while Venus is in retrograde. My husband once found a $4000 designer jacket for $30 while Venus was retrograde. And I have scored countless treasures during past Venus retrogrades.

Venus conjuncts the Sun on March 25th, marking the apex of the retrograde cycle. She will disappear from the sky for about 10 days, ending her time as the Evening Star, and reappear as the Morning Star, signifying a time of renewal and regeneration. Have you seen that incredibly bright star in the west just after sunset? That’s Venus, the Evening Star. The ancients believed that when Venus disappeared from the night sky for 10 days, it was the time that the goddess Inanna went to the Underworld to meet her sister Ereshkigal. When she dramatically reappears 10 days later, this time in the morning, it is the goddess’ triumphant rebirth from the land of the dead. She is tempered and ready to step into her role as the Queen of Heaven and Earth in her fully mature power.

Mars enters Taurus on March 9th, which will be a welcome respite from its sojourn through Aries, which recently triggered a square with Pluto and a conjunction with Uranus, and leaving us all on edge (especially the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Things may feel calmer now. It may be a less fraught time for an important discussion. It’s also a good time to manifest something tangible.

The Full Moon this month is on March 12th at 22 degrees Virgo at 7:54 am (PDT). Incidentally, its also the beginning of daylight savings time. Remember to set your clocks forward. Virgo themes of organization and purification underline this Moon. Sounds like a perfect time to get a jump on spring cleaning and to start a cleanse!  Mercury and Saturn are all over this Moon. The Full Moon could highlight where truth needs to be told, even though it might be difficult. It also suggests a need for accountability and responsibility. An opportunity for critical thinking, and setting things right.

Mercury enters Aries within a day of the Full Moon. Communication becomes more direct, clear, and courageous. We have the ability to say things and begin things that may previously have felt confusing or blocked.

The Sun enters Aries, the Warrior, on March 20th, heralding the spring equinox, and another turn of the Wheel. This is the time of year that infuses us with the courage and energy to begin again. The Sun enters Aries on March 20th at 3:29 am, beginning the astrological year, and highlighting the Aries part in all of us for the next 30 days.  For Sun sign Aries, happy birthday! Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning it begins a new season (in this case spring) and resonates with the visionary, ardent element of fire. Look to your chart to see where Aries is - this is the area in which you will likely experience the energy of rebirth and new beginnings for the next month. 

Winter is officially over, and we feel rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized. Spring Equinox is known as Ostara in many pagan circles, and is the Anglo-Saxon Teutonic Goddess of spring.  All of life is in a state of anticipation, and a fresh breeze is blowing away the cobwebs of winter to prepare for a rebirth in nature, and within our own lives.  Aries refreshes our spirit and reminds us that after the long dark nights of winter, spring always comes again.  New life is infused into our deepest psyches, and we are enlivened, quickened and ready to embrace a new chapter.  The only New Moon of the year in Aries is on March 27th. This is the New Moon to begin again. Start a new chapter. Plant the seeds for new growth in your life.
Mercury enters Taurus on the 31st, providing a welcome steadying influence to all these brave new beginnings.

Happy Spring!
Planetary Ingresses and Lunations (PST)
Mar 4    1:08 am    Venus Retrograde 13°Aries 09′ Rx
Mar 9    4:34 pm    Mars enters Taurus
Mar 12  7:54 am    Full Moon in Virgo 22° 13′
Mar 13     2:08 pm    Mercury enters Aries
Mar 20     3:29 am    Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox/Ostara
Mar 27     7:57 pm    New Moon 7°Aries 37′
Mar 31     10:31 am    Mercury enters Taurus
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