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March 2018


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

March 2018

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March delivers another Blue Moon month, bookended by full Moons on March 1st, and the 31st. The Full Moon that opens the month is in the sign of Virgo, highlighting health, work, everyday ritual, detail, synthesis, and practical service. Clarity, order, discernment and purification are the gifts of Virgo, and we can tap into the full power of the Moon to bring these gifts into our lives in a meaningful way. Whatever needs to be organized, set right, or synthesized benefits from this lunation.  Work gets done. Progress is made. The to do list gets checked off. Venus trines Jupiter today, bringing the Greater Benefics together and blessing this Full Moon day with abundance, beauty and ease. This is a good day to ask for a favor, a loan or an extension.
Goddesses to tune into during this Full Moon include: Hestia, Vesta, Astraea, and Frigg. Crystals to work with are: amazonite, jasper and peridot. Essential oils that correspond to this lunation include: camphor, eucalyptus, rosemary and juniper.
Venus leaves the romantic, nebulous waters of Pisces and enters Aries on the 6th. Venus in Aries is bold and audacious and goes after what she wants with no holds barred. She is direct and outspoken, charming and vivacious. Collectively we may feel an increasing clarity in relationship, as well as the ability to state our needs directly without being coy or passive aggressive. We can tune into the assertive nature of Aries to ask for what we want now, or draw boundaries where we see fit.
The New Moon on March 17th gives us an opportunity to reset and make new intentions for the coming six months in a particular life area. Look to your chart to see where you have 26 degrees of Pisces, to find out what house this New Moon highlights for you. Pisces themes are romance, creativity, inspiration, intuition, compassion and the dreamtime. This is a great time to start a new meditation practice, learn an intuitive art, or find ways of being of compassionate service. Although a New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions and launch new goals, it is also a time of reflection over the last astrological year, a time to prepare for the new astrological year that begins with Aries at the spring equinox. The moments between last sign Pisces and first sign Aries are a liminal time between the worlds that mark both endings and beginnings, with the promise of spring.
March 20th heralds spring equinox, the beginning of Aries season and the astrological year. A time when light and dark are balanced, with the days getting longer until summer solstice. There is a sense of optimism, hope and new beginnings. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning it is a sign that begins a new season, and resonates with the passionate, visionary element of fire. Although in traditional astrology Aries is Mars ruled, it also connects with cross cultural warrior goddesses such as Macha and The Morrigan, as well as springtime deities Ostara and Persephone. Aries is an archetype that is enthusiastic, assertive, and self starting. It is the initiating energy of new life after the chill of winter, and Aries people often have this quality of putting themselves out there. Of boldly going where no one has gone before. Aries corresponds with “The Call to Adventure”, the first steps taken on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. While Aries is associated with the planet Mars, and the Warrior, there is more to the archetype than the audacious courage it is known for. Because Aries season is the beginning of spring, and new life is gaining a foothold, there is a certain underlying vulnerability that is apparent on deeper reflection.
Mercury stations retrograde on March 22nd. All of the usual warnings apply: avoid buying tech or transportation and double check all appointments, giving yourself extra time to get wherever you’re going. Wait to sign contracts, or start anything brand new if you can. If you can’t wait, make sure you get as much information as you can and have a contingency plan. Just because Mercury is retrograde does not mean that what you’re doing won’t work out, but if often means that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye, which will become clear after it stations direct. Believe it or not, Mercury retrograde actually does have a function besides making daily life a living hell. It’s a time to slow down. Reflect. Make sure you’re on the right track. Retrace your steps if necessary. Use your right brain at least as much as your left. By the time it’s over, you will have a more clear sense of the next best steps to take.
Venus enters Taurus, one of its home signs (the other is Libra) on March 30th. Venus in Libra is languorous, voluptuous and fecund. There is a certain calm and steadiness that settles in after she leaves wildchild Aries. Venus in Taurus highlights beauty, the body, and earth centered connection. Security and the material world are underlined when Venus transits Taurus. Venus in Taurus resonates with the Second Chakra: the center of sensuality, creativity and pleasure. Use this time to nurture stability and prosperity into your life. Spend more time in nature and enjoy the gift of being embodied.
The second Full Moon of this month on March 31st is in the sign of Libra. Venus has her fingerprints all over this Full moon, having just entered Taurus hours before the exact Full. Women and women’s issues may be in the spotlight, with something coming to light, culminating or an important answer revealed. The Full Moon in Libra also underscores themes around connection, love, relationship, the arts, beauty and balance. Goddesses to connect with during this Full Moon include: Venus, Aphrodite Urania, and Lakshmi. Crystals to work with include: fluorite, lepidolite, prehnite and seraphinite. Essential oils to work with include: rose, geranium, frankincense and sandalwood.
Happy Spring!
Ingresses and Lunations for March 2018 (all times Pacific)

March 1st Full Moon 11’ Virgo 23 4:51 pm
March 6th Venus enters Aries 3:46 pm
March 8th Jupiter retrograde 8:46 pm
March 17th New Moon 26’ Pisces 53 6:12 am
March 20th Sun enters Aries Spring Equinox 9:16 am
March 22 Mercury stations retrograde 16’ Aries 54 5:19 pm
March 30th Venus enters Taurus 9:54 pm
March 31st Full Moon 10’ Libra 45 5:37 am
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