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May 2017


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

May 2017

The 1st of May, although usually known simply as “May Day”, has its roots in far older and more fertile soil.  Since ancient times, usually on the first full moon in May, the peoples of the British Isles celebrated this time as the fertility festival of Beltane.  Beltane was, and still is, for neo-pagan folk, a time to rejoice and to honor the abundance of the land, and the benevolence of the season.  It’s a time when all of nature is bursting in a voluptuous celebration, and the dance of life is in full swing.  The ancients would build bonfires, carouse until the wee hours, and slip away into the shadows of the forest beyond to enact their own private rituals.  It is said that children conceived on this auspicious night would be called “merry begots”, and were born with the gift of sight.  It was also believed that the veils between the worlds were thin at this time, and it was an opportunity for the Fey folk to cross the threshold into this world to dance with the human revelers.  One could never be quite sure whether that mysterious young man or lovely lass beckoning one into the woods was an otherworldly lover who had come courting.

Mercury stations direct on May 3rd, and I for one am breathing a sigh of relief. It’s been retrograde since April 9th, and I know many of us have encountered the typical glitches, as well as the need to retrace our steps before we can move forward. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde also can bring people from the past back into our lives, and I have been delighted to reconnect with no less than three old friends I haven’t seen in decades! At any rate, after the 3rd, things will begin to pick up, and fall into place. If you have to sign any contracts or want to buy tech or transportation items, wait if you can until Mercury is completely out of its shadow – meaning it catches up to the degree it was in before it began to slow down. By May 22nd we’re totally in the clear.

May 9th is election, don’t forget to vote! It’s the day before the full moon and energies will be running high. There may be a sudden change or unexpected announcement due to Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus. May 10th brings us the only full moon of the year in Scorpio. Thanks to a couple of supportive aspects, this could be a full moon brushed with faery dust, particularly in the wee hours before the actual full. If you’re awake, you could receive a visit from the muse. However, a sextile with Pluto may make this full moon particularly intense (hopefully in a good way) and a Scorpio full moon is intense as it is. Issues of intimacy, sex, power, deep healing, and shared resources may arise.  Deep conversations, and getting to the bottom of something may also feature. Secrets could be revealed that highlight something previously kept under wraps. Something may come to light, a solution presents itself, we see the way forward, or at least what we’re dealing with.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 15th, hopefully cooling down some heat generated while it tenanted Aries. We may have a chance to breathe, and take stock in our communications. Mercury entered Aries back on March 13th, the day that the UK parliament passed the final Brexit bill, and Scotland pushed for independence.

May 20th heralds the Sun’s yearly sojourn through the sign Gemini. Happy birthday Gemini! We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Gemini is in your chart, is the area in which you will want to explore, learn something new and explore social connections. Gemini is a mutable air sign, meaning that it is a sign that bridges one season into the next (in this case spring changing into summer) and resonates with the objective, intellectually curious element of air. We have the urge to explore, meet new people, and play with new ideas.  Gemini is associated with imagination, communication, language, culture, the Internet, and lifelong learning.  And, although Gemini is light hearted and charming, with a quicksilver vocabulary, it is also resonates with the Shapeshifter and the Trickster archetypes.  Gemini loves to play with different personas, and imagine new possibilities of self-expression.

The only new moon of the year in Gemini occurs on May 25th. As always, new moons are an ideal time to release your intentions for the next six months. This new moon is related to intentions around opening your mind to new perspectives in some way. Whether that be through taking a workshop or a course, reading, writing, or getting out and meeting new people, the purpose of this new moon is to embrace your natural curiosity and see where it takes you.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations May 2017 (all times Pacific)

May 3rd            9:33 am           Mercury stations Direct

May 10th          2:42 pm           Full Moon 20°Scorpio 24′

May 15th          9:07 pm           Mercury enters Taurus

May 20th          1:31 pm           Sun enters Gemini

May 25th          12:44 pm         New Moon 4° Gemini 47’

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