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May 2018


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

May 2018

Blessed Beltane! This month marks my ninth year writing the Cosmic Weather Report!
I look forward to seeing you at my book launch at Banyen on May 24th! Please join me as I read from my new book, The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine. Take part in a guided meditation and simple ritual followed by Q&A. So excited to see everyone there!
New Moon in Taurus
On May 15th, at 4:48 pm (PT) the Moon waxes new in the sign of Taurus. Taurus wants to put down roots, and find its place under the sun, so it can blossom, and with the infinite patience this sign is known for, bear fruit. This New Moon in Taurus asks us where we can slow down and remember to put one foot in front of the other. Where we need to take a moment to get our bearings and practice peace of mind as we take care of the practical essentials in our life. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is arguably the earthiest of the three earth signs. As such, it is connected to the things of the body, tangible acts of creativity and sacred sensuality. The Taurus New Moon invites us to revel in embodied pleasure and the enjoyment of earthly delights. This New Moon asks us where we can best focus our intention toward cultivating and manifesting something of true worth in our lives. What are you called to do in terms of right livelihood? Who are your ideal clients or customers? Are you being paid fairly for the work that you do? Are you valuing yourself enough? Reflecting on the Taurean archetype will illuminate ways we can take practical steps towards healing our relationship to our body and as well as build a sense of solid self worth. Every New Moon is an opportunity to hit reset and plant new seeds in a particular life area that we will bring to fruition over the next six months. To find out the life area that points to the most fertile ground to plant those seeds, look to your chart to see what house contains 24 degrees of Taurus.

Taurus goddesses to tune in with during this New Moon include: Aphrodite Pandemos, Venus, Branwen, Gaia, Lakshmi, Flora, Hathor and Annapurna.

Crystals to work with during this lunation: Emerald, rose quartz, cobalto-calcite (Aphrodite stone) green calcite, smoky quartz, dioptase, green tourmaline, rhodonite

Essential oils to work with: Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine
Paradigm Shift: Uranus into Taurus

Just hours after the New Moon, we collectively cross the threshold into a brand-new chapter, as Uranus finally leaves Aries, where it has been for the past seven years, and moves into Taurus until 2026. The archetype of Uranus centers on themes of change, freedom and awakening. One of the old adages attributed to the effects of a Uranus transit is “expect the unexpected”. The house you have Taurus in in your chart will show you the life area where you can expect to see big change. If you are born early in the sign of Taurus, or if you have an inner planet (Moon, Venus, Mars) or an important angle such as your ascendant in the first few degrees of Taurus – you will feel this shift in a tangible way over the next year. The same goes if you have the Sun or another inner planet or angle in one of the other fixed signs: Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. If you were born with Uranus in Scorpio (November 1974 – November 1981) you are coming upon your Uranus Opposition, one of the most powerful of the midlife transits. Most born between November 1974 and May 1975, will have their Uranus opposition this year. Please check an ephemeris or with an astrologer for exact dates of this life changing transit.

If you’d like to read more about the monumental shift of Uranus into Taurus, and ways you can work with it, check out my article here.
Also on May 15th – Mars, the archetype of drive, passion, self confidence and getting things done moves out of Capricorn for an extra long stay in Aquarius. Of course, the shadow of the Mars archetype is anger, toxic masculinity and unbridled rage, so, I’m happy it’s moving out of Capricorn where it had some tense moments when it recently lined up with both Saturn and Pluto. Mars in Aquarius is a more intellectual Mars, a thinking Mars. A Mars that teams up with others to get something done. It has the potential for passion and vision to come together in a way that can create change. The one draw back with Mars in the sign of Aquarius, is that in the pursuit of a vision, there is the possibility for zealotry and end -justifies -the -means thinking. As much as Aquarius is connected to humanity and the greater good, its shadow side can be overly objective and detached. Sometimes Aquarius needs to be reminded that in that great big beautiful ideal that is humanity, there are people with different viewpoints. Mars goes retrograde between June 26th and August 27th, briefly sliding back into Capricorn between mid August and mid September, then back into Aquarius until October 16th.
Venus enters Cancer on May 19th, and our attention is turned to a deepened sense of belonging and connection. Some relationships may enter a more committed phase. Family, home and emotional security become a focus. It’s a good time to purchase things related to your home, or to turn your home into a nest and sanctuary, your retreat from the outside world. It’s also a great opportunity to gather with family or family of the heart. We might be feeling tender and sentimental, awash in a sea of memories. Venus in Cancer embodies the Great Mother archetype, and some of us will feel the pull to find solace, to return to a feeling of connection with Source. Be gentle with yourself and others. Practice loving kindness.
Welcome Gemini Season!

May 20th ushers in Gemini season, happy birthday Gemini! Gemini is a mutable air sign, meaning it is a threshold sign that bridges one season into the next (in this case, spring into summer) and resonates with the objective communicative element of air. We are feeling sociable, interested, and energized. We have the urge to explore and play with new ideas. We are curious about everything now and want to learn something new. This may involve taking short trips to seek out workshops and gatherings of all kinds. Gemini is associated with imagination, communication, language, and learning style. While Gemini is light hearted and charming, with a quicksilver vocabulary, it is also the shapeshifter, the walker between binaries, and the archetypal alchemist. Associated with the androgynous god Hermes, the Gemini archetype often evades definition by polarity, and instead chooses to dance in the liminal spaces in between. Gemini enjoys the freedom of playing with different personas and imagining new possibilities with self-expression.
Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 29th lights up the skies with the only Full Moon in Sagittarius of the year. The energy is buoyant, expansive and full of optimism. Sagittarius invites us to step out of our comfort zones and dream big, setting goals and focusing our clear vision with eye on the target precision. This Full Moon may have us dreaming of far away places and making travel plans that will expand our perception of the world. Sagittarius shows us where we feel restricted. Where we could use more freedom. Where we can broaden our experience of what the world has to offer. As with all Full Moons, something may come to light, a solution to a problem found, or a message may come to us through synchronicity that we most need to hear. Sagittarius is connected to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, or the Quest. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, this might mean a culmination of a journey that you set out on six months ago when the Moon was new in Sagittarius. What did you begin around December 17th? During this Full Moon you may have the sense that you have come a very long way since that time and are now crossing a metaphorical finish line as you return from your quest. You may feel both exhilarated and exhausted as you bring the integration of new knowledge and meaning into the world under the light of this Full Moon. Sit with it awhile. Respect and honor how far you’ve come. Journal about it. Take a deep breath and offer a ritual of closure, and then if you are called to, kick up your heels and celebrate with true Sagittarian abandon.

Goddesses to work with: Artemis, Diana, Atalanta, Flidais, Epona, Yuanjun

Crystals to work with: Ametrine, azurite, chrysocolla, rutilated quartz, sapphire, sodalite, topaz, turquoise

Essential oils: Tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, bergamot, basil, juniper, marjoram
Ingresses and Lunations May 2018

May 1st Beltane
May 13th Mercury enters Taurus 5:40 am
May 15th New Moon 24’ 36 Taurus 4:48 am
May 15th Uranus into Taurus 8:23 am
May 15th Mars enters Aquarius 9:55 pm
May 19th Venus enters Cancer 6:11 am
May 20th Sun enters Gemini 7:15 pm
May 29th Full Moon 8’10 Sagittarius 7:19 am
May 29th Mercury enters Gemini 4:49 pm
I’m excited to announce my book launch at Banyen on May 24th! Please join me as I read from my new book, The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine. Take part in a guided meditation and simple ritual followed by Q&A. I look forward to seeing you there!
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