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October 2016


Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

October 2016

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October opens with a newly waxing Moon in Libra.  The New Moon that just occurred on September 30th, the second new Moon in that calendar month, is a rather rare occurrence (every 32 months) and is sometimes referred to as a “black moon”. This New Libra Moon is supercharged as it joins up with Jupiter, also newly in the sign of Libra, highlighting themes of wisdom, faith, inclusivity and open heartedness. This is a dynamic energy to bring more harmony, romance and love into an existing relationship, or, for singles, to draw the perfect relationship/partner into one’s life. Through the first few days of October, there’s still time to set your intentions for this very special New Moon if you dive into this flow.

New Moon Goddess Archetypes to Align With

This New Libra Moon is deeply resonant with both Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love, beauty and creativity, and Lakshmi: Hindu goddess of prosperity, beauty and generosity.  The most fertile ground to plant your new seeds is connected to themes of beauty, relationship, abundance and balance. Align with the energy of these goddesses by consciously cultivating right relationship, clarifying relationship dynamics, and embracing beauty in every facet of your life.

New Moon in Libra Affirmations

  • I am honest about my own needs, and honor my self, my feelings, preferences and boundaries, while also taking into consideration the needs of others
  • I am worthy of love and adoration
  • I am now drawing to myself the perfect relationship: one of love and mutual respect
  • I make space to express and honor my creative talents
  • I put my best foot forward everyday.  I look and feel great on my own terms, not a preconceived ideal
  • I choose to see beauty everyday: in nature, in others, in myself
  • I cultivate deep relationship with others in a way that is mutually beneficial

October 7th ushers the planet of communication, Mercury, into the sign of Libra, marking a time that turns a corner. This feels like a fresh breath, a connecting, balancing influence. People will be more polite than usual, fair-minded and diplomatic. We can say what we need to say and still be gracious.

Super Full Moon in the Sign of the Spiritual Warrior

The Full Super Moon this month is in the sign of Aries on the 15th. This Full Moon comes with a stack of aspects, including Sun opposite Uranus, which will keep us on our toes, and perhaps deliver a few unforeseen wake up calls. Expect the unexpected. Mercury is also squaring Pluto, look out for power struggles, intense communication, possible deception, and potential tough truth telling.  A secret may be revealed that is a game changer. Saturn trine Moon points the way to steadiness and something to hold on to.  Keep your feet, and keep your energetic back door locked. I have seen some of the sensationalist posts on social media already about this Full Moon. Please don’t buy into the hype and fear mongering, but do be aware that there are some volatile energies that do intensify around this time. Be sensible. Take precautions. And, don’t tempt the fates by putting yourself in situations that you know are charged.

Venus, the goddess of love, connectivity, the arts, and relationship enters Sagittarius on the 18th. Adventure, and a more optimistic, philosophic outlook gets added to the cosmic mix. Venus joins up with Saturn on October 29th.  This is an aspect that can solidify a commitment. This can help us clarify our vision and take practical steps to what is fundamentally important.

The waning Moon moves into Scorpio just a couple of hours after this aspect exacts, giving staying power and longevity to what we realistically commit to. Time to get serious about your quest.

Scorpio Season

Scorpio season begins on October 22nd, where the Sun will cast its spotlight in the Scorpio part in all of us for the next 30 days.  Look to see where Scorpio is in your chart to find out where you will be experiencing the energy of transformation and rebirth.  For Sun sign Scorpios, happy birthday!  Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, meaning that it is a sign that embodies the heart of a season, and resonates through the deep, flowing currents of the Water element. 

The archetype of Scorpio is connected with the ultimate mysteries of life: birth, death, rebirth and transformation.  It is the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.  Scorpio is also associated with exploring the deeper nuances of sexuality and power.  Scorpio season invites us to shed our old skins, dig deep, and release whatever is keeping us stuck in the same old patterns.  We then have the chance to come up on the other side, regenerated and reborn.  Scorpio invites us to embrace the shadow; to move into it and find the treasure that is shining in the dark. In the Shadow lies not only our fear and pain, but the forgotten dreams, talents and longings that were inappropriate to live out consciously in our pasts. Remember these now, resurrect and honor them.  Scorpio is associated with the dark goddesses: Irish Morrigan, Hindu Kali, Mesopotamian Inanna, and Greek Hecate.  All of these deities have wisdom to share with us that can only come from making the descent into the Underworld of our own psyches.

Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio from October 24th until November 12th. We now feel our way through our interactions, alert to the subtext with laser-like precision and taking nothing at face value. We are strategic, sometimes suspicious, and prepared to dig deeply for the truth if necessary. Anything which requires research and due diligence is enhanced by this transit of Mercury.

New Moon in Scorpio:  Release and Regenerate

The only New Moon of the year in Scorpio is birthed at 10:38 am on October 30th. This is a portal of mystery, a gateway into the numinous, made all the more magical and uncanny thanks to a harmonious trine to otherworldly Neptune in Pisces.  Mercury also trines Neptune today and Samhain (Halloween) is just a day away. The veil between the worlds is truly at its thinnest. Communion with the ancestors and the beloved dead has rarely been so facilitated. This potent New Moon can open a gateway, help you release the past, and give you a cosmic reboot to a new path. 

The New Moon in Scorpio resonates with the Inanna’s descent and return from the Underworld. In Sumerian myth, the goddess Inanna is connected to the planet Venus, where her sojourn to the underworld and back is reflected by the transits of Venus in the sky, where it sets in the west as the evening star, and rises again in the east as the morning star, completely disappearing and then suddenly reappearing in the sky.  When the planet is invisible it is said that Inanna is in the underworld.  Inanna’s main myth is the Descent of the Goddess, and describes her perilous journey to the Underworld and back.  The tale is deftly woven with Scorpio imagery, and elucidates the meaning of the energies that are unfolding.  You can tune into this energy during this time to help you release that which it is time to let go of, and look toward that which you want to bring into your life in its place.  Scorpio, amongst other things, is about death and grieving.  Whether that be the death of a part of ourselves, a relationship that you know its time to release, or remembering and missing a loved one that is no longer on this plane.

Going Deeper: Sacred Samhain

On the 31st, we have the crowning jewel in October’s crown, Samhain.  The roots of what many today celebrate as Halloween are nourished by ancient Celtic soil.  This time of year was their “New Year”, as they saw it simultaneously as the end of one cycle, and therefore the beginning of the next. Rather than fearing death, the Celts saw it as a fundamental part of the sacred spiral of life/death/rebirth.  Samhain was the time of year when the ancients observed that the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest, and that they were able to communicate with the ancestors easily on this night. The practice of putting out a plate of food as an offering for the honored ancestors on this evening was common, and where the modern custom of trick-or-treating originated. This Samhain, the Moon is in Scorpio, so the mysterious and sacred underpinnings of this festival may be more apparent than usual. No matter what you find yourself doing this Halloween, spare a moment to reflect on those who have gone on before.  Light a candle, put their picture on a little altar, or set a place for them at the supper table. Let them know that they are remembered.

A blessed Samhain to you all,


Ingresses and Lunations for October 2016 (all times Pacific)

Oct 7      12:56 am              Mercury enters Libra

Oct 15   9:23 pm                Full Moon 23° Aries 14′

Oct 18   12:01 am              Venus enters Sagittarius

Oct 22   4:46 pm                Sun enters Scorpio

Oct 24   1:47 pm                Mercury enters Scorpio

Oct 30   10:38 am              New Moon 7° Scorpio 44’

Oct 31                                Samhain/Halloween

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