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September 2017

Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

September 2017

Already the leaves are beginning to change, and the lush green of high summer has turned to shades of gold, making the sky appear an even deeper shade of blue. We are in Virgo season, the threshold between summer and autumn. And, the sun is setting visibly earlier each night as we move closer towards the time of equal day and equal night that is autumn equinox.

Mercury stations direct on September 5th, a welcome shift in energy for most. Although Mercury in its retrograde phase gives us a chance to pause and reflect, its direct motion means we can move forward and make progress. Mercury makes its direct station at 28 degrees Leo, which is the same degree of the recent total solar eclipse. Watch for something to be revealed, or to come to fruition. This could be the aha moment you’ve been waiting for. This aha moment can also happen in the collective. The resounding effects of the eclipse will unfold over the next six months. Mars enters Virgo on the 5th, bringing us deeper into the themes of this transition sign. We feel the urge to get organized: clearing clutter, streamlining, improving, getting down to basics and putting plans in motion.

The full Moon occurs on September 6th at 13 degrees Pisces, making a conjunction with Neptune (Pisces’ ruling planet) and underlining the numinous, transcendent energy of the last sign of the zodiac. There may be a sense of tying up loose ends, or wrapping something up in order to move forward. This is a mysterious full Moon that is great for a meeting with the muse, divination, meditation and dreaming. At the same time, these energies can cause confusion, mixed messages and the urge to escape. Pisces is a very receptive sign, and it’s important to be mindful of boundaries during this full Moon: psychic and otherwise. Be aware of what is yours and what belongs to someone else. And while Pisces resonates with the ideas of compassion and service, be sure you are giving for the right reasons and not as a subconscious bid to inflate your own ego. The shadow of Pisces can very easily be expressed as the Victim or the Martyr archetype. The transcendent, urge to merge energy of Pisces can also be connected to addiction and escape through substance misuse when left unchecked or unconscious.

However, one of the highest uses of Pisces energy is the ability to discern intuition from fantasy. Although discernment is Virgo territory, Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign, and in integrating the polarities of both, balance is attained between the grounded, earthy, discriminating energy of the Virgin, and the ethereal, spiritual lens of Pisces. It is then that we can listen to our inner voice and know that it speaks truth that will guide us on our next steps. It is then that we can take Pisces’ compassion and channel it in practical ways that make a difference. Compassion is a central theme of Pisces, and it is so needed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, now Irma, and the more than 800,000 Dreamers threatened with deportation in the US. Closer to home, many have lost everything in the worse fire season many of us have ever witnessed in British Columbia. Add to this the ongoing virtual invisibility of Aboriginal people in Canada, and there is much we can do to channel compassion into practical action. Remember that the Moon is considered in its full phase three days before and three days after the exact full, so we’ll still be feeling the influence of this full Moon until at least Friday evening.

Mercury picks up speed and moves into practical Virgo on the 9th. On the 16th, Mercury and Mars line up once again, this time in the sign of the Virgin. Things are certainly moving forward, and a sense of accomplishment and ticking those to do items off your list ensue.

On the 19th we have the only new Moon of the year in Virgo. Look to your chart to see what house contains the 27th degree of Virgo. This house, or life area, will be where you can plant your seeds of intention around Virgo themes for the next six months.

On September 22nd, the Wheel turns once again, and we are at the time of equal day and equal night, heralding Autumn Equinox at 1:02 pm. Happy Birthday Libra!  Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, meaning that it is a sign that begins a season, in this case autumn, and resonates through the objective and social element of Air. Libra is connected with relationships of all kinds, from interpersonal relationships, to the relationships between line and color. Many Librans possess a measure of natural artistic talent as well as a sense of balance and fairness. Usually charming and well mannered, Librans can also experience the effects of trying to be too agreeable. Libra’s lesson is to maintain their sense of fair play and equanimity while being true to themselves, even if they have a different opinion.

Jupiter’s opposition to Libra on the 27th and Pluto’s direct station on the 28th marks a pivotal moment. Something previously secret or hidden is revealed, or erupts into consciousness. This can be especially true in terms of government, banking and world power. Whatever arises, it is a potential game changer.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations September 2017 (all times PDT)

Sept 5th   Mars into Virgo 2:35 am

Sept 5th   Mercury stations direct 4:30 am

Sept 6th   Full Moon in Pisces 13’53 12:03 am

Sept 9th   Mercury into Virgo 7:52 pm

Sept 19th   Venus into Virgo 6:15 pm

Sept 19th   New Moon in Virgo 27’ 27 10:30 pm

Sept 22nd   Autumn Equinox Sun into Libra 1:02 pm

Sept 28th   Pluto stations direct 12:33 pm

Sept 29th   Mercury into Libra 5:42 pm

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