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Yoga, Movement and Embodied Bliss

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Yoga, Movement and Embodied Bliss

Is is said that “In this body is the whole universe.” So many of us are practicing movement healing arts such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong; or doing or receiving bodywork, massage, and somatic therapies. Join us here to share your journey of embodiment, of “incarnation” through anatomy, physiology, and the wisdom of the body. Tips, felt-sense revelations, and invitations to enliven in our bodies most welcome! Feel free to post your comments and responses to other comments made.

Re:Yoga, Movement and Embodied Bliss

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Yoga is a down to earth help,

Yoga is a down to earth help, not a religion. Yoga is antiquated craftsmanship dependent on an orchestrating arrangement of improvement for the body, psyche, and soul. The proceeded with a routine with regards to yoga will lead you to a feeling of harmony and prosperity, and furthermore a sentiment of being at one with their condition.


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