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Yamile Yemoonyah ~ The Seven Types of Spirit Guide: How to Connect and Communicate with Your Cosmic Helpers

Saturday, December 12, 2020
10:00am to 11:00am

Live Webinar


Discover the different types of spirit guides, how to communicate and work with them and how they can help you in every facet of life.

Connect with your personal team of spirit guides, and draw on their ancient wisdom and healing to overcome challenges, unlock success and achieve your dreams.

In this live Banyen webinar, Yamile will present themes from her new Hay House book, The Seven Types of Spirit Guide – the first-ever exploration of the cosmic helpers who have communicated with people across cultures and history. She will introduce you to each of the seven types: angels, ancestors, nature spirits, star beings, animal spirits, ascended masters and deities.

 You’ll learn how to communicate with them to further your spiritual development, manifest your dreams and live your purpose.

"Yamile invites us into the beautiful and loving realm of spirit helpers and guides in this gorgeous book."

Sonia Choquette

Yamile Yemoonyah is a spirit guide medium, Hay house author, and host of the Spirit Guide Show. Ever since one of her spirit guides appeared to her in full physical form over twenty years ago, she realized that there is more to reality than western science acknowledges. Since then she has helped thousands of people connect with their own spirit guides through one-on-one readings, workshops, and ceremonies.