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Let's talk about the UnConscious Sides of Sex ~ Julie Archambault

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
7:00pm to 8:15pm

Live Webinar


Sex intrigues, scares, destroys, excites, fulfills. Sex is a portal into some of the most elated states, and yet, the most painful and heart-wrenching ones as well. Sex can destroy you, and yet it can also propel you into a state of ultimate oneness. So what is that tipping point that allows you to go from destruction to construction?

Julie Archambault, author of Sex Up Your Life, will engage in a lively discussion with you about sex on the Continuum of Connection and the path from disconnect to blissful connection, and all that it reveals about this powerful force in our lives.

"A true masterpiece that encourages readers to uncover the truth about their relationship to sex. We can only heal our sexual issues if we look at the shadow side of sex squarely in the eye... by examining our sexual wounds, we can transform sex into a means for enlightenment."

Cyndi Dale

Julie Archambault is a holistic teacher and storyteller for all ages using pedagogical stories, archetypal mythologies & characters, collected stories, along with personal ones to inspire readers, students, and crowds alike. Creativity being a guiding principle in her life, Julie is always searching for ways to innovate our social realities. Whether it be for the well-being of children, teenagers, or adults, she takes a stand for a holistic understanding of human development and self-realization.

The founder of CoCreativeSex—a wellness business committed to powerful lives, powerful relationships, and powerful sex—Julie forges a new paradigm where sex, relationships, and personal growth go hand in hand. By teaching her clients how to heal their sexual energy, weed out the toxic programming, and embody their fullest human potential, she creates opportunities for her clients to step up in their relationships, their sexuality, and all areas of their lives.

She works both with private clients and groups via one-on-one coaching and online/live workshops on the themes of sexuality, creativity, power, and courageous conversations.