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Friday, November 13, 2015
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


In an era of profit first and growth at any cost, businesses and key individuals within the world of business are coming to the realization that our traditional ways of conducting business are no longer sustainable. As we lurch from one global economic crises to another, more and more of us are becoming aware of our desperate need for a different way of conducting business—an approach that recognizes that work isn’t separate from the rest of life, and that consequently the metrics for success need to change at a fundamental level if human life is to thrive into the future.

Kolin Lymworth from Banyen Books contributed to this book, as did Constance Kellough, President of Namaste Publishing, and Joel Solomon of Renewal Funds. This event will be on how a company actually becomes awakened.

The depth, scope, and practicality of The Awakened Company set it apart from other books on business, as it spells out a far preferable way of doing business that will bring about a tremendously positive shift to the entire planet. The book offers practical steps and useful examples from interviews with corporate, community, and academic leaders. The experience and knowledge presented will take the world’s economies to a new, awakened level through the merging of insights from the great wisdom traditions with proven best practices in business.

The Awakened Company shows how, as a major influence second to none—even beyond the various levels of government—businesses are in a position to shift us from planetary distress to planetary sustainability, and ultimately a bright future based on an emerging sense of our intrinsic oneness.

Constance Kellough is the publisher who brought us Eckhart Tolle’s books, as well as those of leading authors such as Dr. Shefali Tsabary (The Conscious Parent) and Michael Brown (The Presence Process)—and now Catherine Bell and The Awakened Company. Constance will speak to why she published this book and what she sees as its potential to redirect the whole of our economic and working life at this time.

Catherine Bell is the founder of an award-winning Executive Search and team transformation organization. As she draws on her own rich experience in the corporate world, coupled with the contributions of international thought leaders in business today, hear her passionate plea for the change of direction business needs to embrace in our time.

“The Awakened Company recognizes the integral power of humane practices within business. Companies driven by noble service to all stakeholders are in the position to elevate our whole world."

Tony Hsieh, CEO of

“What gives this book its authenticity and makes it worth reading right now is that Catherine Bell practices what she preaches—with obvious success! As a cofounder of BluEra, Catherine has created a company—no, it’s a community—that has deservedly been recognized as a “best workplace.” In this engaging book, Catherine Bell shares her vision for an “Awakened Company,” one in which all stakeholders can flourish.”

Julian Barling
PhD, FRSC, Borden Chair of Leadership, Queen’s School of Business