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Ralph and Nayna: Ayurveda - The Science from India

Sunday, November 17, 2019
11:30am to 1:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic medical systems originating from India. In this interactive workshop you will learn the essence of Ayurveda, understand Vata, Pitta and Kapha constitutions, learn to identify your imbalances and come back to your balance. The workshop will end with a pranayama and a relaxing guided meditation.

Nayna Trehan & Ralph Matta, founders of Ayurveda Vancouver, have been teaching personal development, yoga and meditation for over 15 years. Their journeys began 20 years ago when they discovered yoga and meditation through their Guru. They discovered Ayurveda as a paving path to self-discovery. With corporate backgrounds in IT, tech recruitment and business, life was not as juicy as they would imagine. They decided to carve out a new path, taking their corporate knowledge along with their passion for serving people to create a social business. They trained in Ayurveda with many teachers including Dr. Vasant Lad and are certified through Sri Sri Ayurveda as Panchakarma therapists.