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Stephen Batchelor ~ The Art of Solitude

Sunday, February 27, 2022
10:30am to 11:30am

Live Webinar


Join us for a special event with renowned Buddhist teacher Stephen Batchelor and hear about his journey to becoming a secular Buddhist. He will also share insights from his latest book, The Art of Solitude.
In a time of social distancing and isolation, The Art of Solitude is a meditation on the beauty of solitude.
In a hyperconnected world that is at the same time plagued by social isolation, this book shows how to enjoy the inescapable solitude that is at the heart of human life.

“Whatever a soul is, the author goes a long way toward soothing it. A very welcome instance of philosophy that can help readers live a good life.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

The Art of Solitude is a marvel. Carefully constructed and entirely original, it sings with a haunting melody of wistful contemplation. Reading it is a true joy.”

~ Mark Epstein

“In this exquisite contemplation on solitude that is intimate, brave, and wise, Batchelor brings us to the vast center of his life and realization.”

~ Roshi Joan Halifax

Stephen Batchelor is a contemporary Buddhist teacher and writer. Best known for his secular or agnostic approach to Buddhism, he is one of he most influential voices in Buddhist thought today. Stephen Batchelor has been a contributing editor of Tricyle: The Buddhist Review since 1992, and is the author of several bestselling books, including Buddhism Without Beliefs, Living with the Devil, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, Secular Buddhism, and After Buddhism.