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Samuel Bercholz - Event Cancelled

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.



Join Samuel Bercholz, founder & editor-in-chief of Shambhala Publications, for a Talk & Signing on his new book A Guided Tour of Hell: A Graphic Memoir.

Take a trip through the realms of hell with a man whose temporary visitor's pass gave him a horrifying-and enlightening-preview of its torments. This true account of Sam Bercholz's near-death experience has more in common with Dante's Inferno than it does with any of the popular feel-good stories of what happens when we die.

In the aftermath of heart surgery, Sam, a longtime Buddhist practitioner and Dharma teacher, is surprised to find himself in the lowest realms of karmic rebirth. His story is offered, along with the modernist illustrations of a master of Tibetan sacred arts, in order to share what can be learned about awakening from our own self-created hells and helping others to find relief and liberation from theirs.

"A fascinating and deeply thought-provoking testimony, powerfully illustrated. A must-read for anyone who wonders what might happen at the time of death."

Matthieu Ricard, author of Happiness

"This book is an astonishingly generous offering: a tour of hell, guided with love. This is not a pacifying love. Rather, it is a love that destroys illusion to leave the reader in a state of discomfiting wakefulness. If you seek a deeply refined and discerning spiritual view that will compel you to journey beyond conventional thought, never to return, this book is for you."

Susan Piver, author of Start Here Now

"Sam Bercholz, one of the most genuine and heartful teachers of dharma I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, has written a harrowing and vivid account of what might await us after death. A dark thrill to read, it is also a generous gift, reminding us that what we do here matters urgently."

George Saunders, author of Tenth of December