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Re-awaken your Inner Goddess with Camilla Ravindran

Thursday, May 10, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


There is a place where the Feminine inside us thrives.

Since immemorial times all the women in every civilization have gathered to practice together and cherish the Goddesses inside each of us. Unfortunately nowadays these sacred practices have gone mostly lost.

The sages recognize that there are simple rules that should guide a sacred sisterhood. There are simple practices that we can do in our daily life that allow us to go back to that place where the Feminine inside us shines. That place where everything comes easy, as a flow. Where intuition is guiding us. Where abundance is everywhere. That place where we are beautiful, where there is no judgment.

All these ancient practices are adapted to the modern needs of women: Most of us have lost touch with our inner Feminine, anxiety has become the norm for most of us, we have created the belief that to excel in a male-oriented environment we have to be like men. Instead we must remember that embodying the Feminine gives us immense power, it makes us become irresistible both in our personal and work life.

If you feel called to practice the practices of the sages to re-awaken your inner Goddess in a sacred space, if you feel called to join a sacred sisterhood please join this Banyen evening event, and retreat (Retreat details TBA.)

About Camilla:

"I am woman, a wife, a mother, a coach and much more.

It’s in the daily spiritual practice of the Feminine that I find myself every time all over again, in this practice I am continuously reborn as new, in this practice I find solace and healing. In this space I feel beautiful, there is just love for myself and for others, I can access compassion and intuition.

I share this path with all the women around the world who want to practice together and heal. In a sacred Sisterhood we find a place that gives us access to resources that support us in this journey."