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Caravan of Remembering - Awaken Your Life’s Mission with Daniel Goodenough

Thursday, September 20, 2018
6:30pm to 8:15pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Join author and international life transformation leader Daniel Goodenough for a talk and reading from The Caravan of Remembering: A Roadmap for Experiencing the Awakening of your Life’s Mission.

In this talk, Daniel will explore tangible ways to remember  and awaken our life’s mission/purpose, and to support others in doing so.

This self help book is a fictional account of David, a graphic designer in Chicago, who has reached a new low in his supposedly solid life and is ready for change. He meets a mysterious woman who extends an invitation to come to The Caravan of Remembering, a doorway that will change everything. And so begins David’s extraordinary journey of exploration toward his Life Mission. The Caravan of Remembering, a desert journey to a vast haven of contemplation and inspiration, is a clear heart space to work through questions like:

Why am I here?
What does that purpose call me to do?
Who am I called to be to fulfill that purpose?

As readers watch and experience David wrestling with his own life inquiry and his process of awakening to the Caravan’s call to transform all areas of material life - career, family community and finance - they are taken through their own parallel experience of immersion in the Life Mission process. Author and international life-transformation leader Daniel Goodenough offers a proven process for remembering and unfolding the meaning of life. Caravan is a guide and inspiration for readers to discover their essence and unique expression of who they are.

Daniel Goodenough co-founded The Way of the Heart in 1988 to help people live more fulfilled, purposeful lives. Daniel has authored fourteen life-mission courses and trained thousands internationally. His background as a professional musician, scientist, fine artist and designer has contributed to his deep understanding of, and profound commitment to, empowering others to manifest their life missions - and to do so artfully, skillfully and sacredly. Daniel currently resides in Colorado.

This is the best book on awakening I’ve read in the last ten years. – Linda Newmark, Ph.D., Sufi Order International senior teacher