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Carlos de León - The Power of Sexual Alchemy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Seating is limited.
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Join Dr. Carlos de León for a dynamic presentation on ‘The Power of Sexual Alchemy’.  From the ancient wisdom teachings of Tantra and Taoism to modern Reichian therapy, explore approaches to ‘Sexual Energy’ as a means of spiritual development and evolution.

Learn more about the differences between the masculine and feminine energy systems; and how to potentiate that energy in both men and women to bring more growth, more connection, and more bliss!

Carlos de León:

With PhDs in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Carlos de León has spent more than 35 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. He is considered a pioneer in his field for having created a model that integrates Western and Eastern psychology, multi-faith spiritual traditions, and scientific teachings for purposes of healing and transformation. The Ontogony path includes the areas of religion, martial arts, chi kung, meditation, spiritual traditions, shamanism, paranormal phenomena, and alternative healing.

In addition to his professional qualifications and many years of experience as a psychotherapist, Carlos holds the position of head of the Shaivist lineage, Anandanamah, Kashmir, India. He is a Swami in the Aghori tradition of Sriman Narayan, India, and he is the lineage holder of the Kaula Yogini school of Maa Parvathi Nath Saraswaite.

He is the author of eight published books, and is a much-sought-after presenter and international teacher, with students in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Greece, Israel, and Guatemala.