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Ascension Master Cassidy Diehl - ‘Havens of Healing’ Event

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


Cassidy will be speaking on a heart-felt level, bringing a deeper awareness on reversing the collective polarity amongst humanity through a philosophical exploration of healing, guided by her new book Havens of Healing.  

Havens of Healing is a meditative guide that brings our emotional, mental, and intellectual experiences and perceptions to a place of equality. By bringing readers through their own personal journeys of healing and growth, what makes Havens of Healing unique is how it materializes the intangible in a way that allows one to understand their emotional journey under a higher perspective. While using nature as your guide, each aspect of nature brings a unique understanding of your suffering bestowing an awareness on the choices we make in the face of tribulation and opportunity. It is a special guide that walks your through nature’s perspective with what can be the most powerful driving force of consciousness during times of pain, suffering and healing. Instead of putting labels on our pain based on what we think we are supposed to feel, we can see our suffering through the non-judgmental lens as we are nature. The different havens of healing within this book can be interpreted in thousands of ways, yet everyone empathizes in a way where Havens of Healing brings equal understanding to all.

Cassidy Diehl is an Ascension Master and Energy Worker that channels higher knowledge directly from the divine network of unity consciousness. She has spent her life tuning into humanity's ancient past and cosmic origins throughout the wisdom she receives while working with crystal energies, to fully understand what started this disconnectedness humanity feels on Planet Earth today. She openly teaches and speaks on this knowledge through both spoken and written transmissions. Through the words Cassidy is intuitively guided to share, a shift occurs in the programmed mind eliminating separation while bringing our differences to a conscious place of equal understanding. She teaches with the intention to both challenge and reprogram the subconscious mind, holding a space for individuals to open their hearts, reflect, and integrate the oneness of the universe within themselves. All her work is built to focus on unity and co-creation so everyone can have their share to play a role in stabilizing this integrative bridge to oneness.