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The Empathic Superpower Series ~ hosted by Fleur Choy

October 20 - November 10, 2020

Online Series


Are you highly aware of the emotions of those around you, to the point of feeling it physically and emotionally? Do you have poor boundaries and take care of everybody but yourself? Or have you a very sensitive nervous system so you feel easily overwhelmed, anxious or depleted?If any of this resonates with you, you’re likely an empath.

You are not alone!
Around 20% of the population is predisposed to empathy.
Sadly, many empaths isolate themselves and hide their sensitivity.

If you wish to connect with your sensitivity and learn to use it as a superpower register to the Empathic Superpower Series!

From October 20th, 2020 you will receive one video everyday for 21 days.

Those 21 days will be an opportunity for you to repattern your beliefs about sensitivity and what it can bring into your life. Each day, a speaker will share their story and how they connected to their own wisdom.

You will receive strategies for self-care, recovering from burnout and preventing overwhelm from striking in the first place. You will learn healthy boundaries and how to ground into your energy so you don’t take on the energy and emotions of others.

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Being a highly sensitive person in this world is not easy, Fleur knows it… She is one of them! For a very long time, she considered her sensitivity like a disease, a burden. Once she reconnected with her true nature, she finally became aware that her sensitivity is a sacred weapon, a barometer that I could use to navigate life.

Fleur’s calling is to create a special place where we can activate our own inner wisdom. She is supporting ultra-sensitive people to switch their mindset about themselves, connect with their sensitivity, discover their true potential and use it in their everyday life.