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Imam Fode Drame: Spiritual Sojourn - The Joy of Surrender

Sunday, March 20, 2016
11:30am to 1:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.

Join Imam Fode Drame, a traditional Sufi Scholar and Peaceful Warrior, for an event at Banyen exploring the Qur'anic/Sufic perspective of Spiritual Sojourn: The Joy of Surrender. 
Fode Drame was born in the Senegambia region of West Africa. He descends from the clan of Jakhanke whose unique expression of Islam dates back over 1,100 years, when Drame's people first accepted Islam and became the primary teachers, healers and religious leaders for the entire region. 
By the age of 5, Imam Drame had already begun his formal studies which included not only putting to memory the entirety of The Qur'an but also Arabic grammar and poetry, Quranic exegesis, the traditions of the Prophet Muhummad, and most notably, the knowledge and practice of spiritual excellence, otherwise known as Sufism. Before leaving his native Senegal for Quebec to pursue his study of linguistics, Fode Drame had already taught himself French, Greek, Hebrew and German in order to explore the miracle of languages and human diversity, in general.
Since arriving in Canada in the 1990s, Imam Fode Drame has remained true to his tradition as not only an outward scholar of Islam, but also a teacher, Sufi guide, and healer to all those who seek his support. He currently serves as the Imam of the Zawiya Foundation, an organization dedicated to the learning and practice of classical Islam in a contemporary context. He lives in Richmond, BC with his wife and 4 children.