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Plant Spirit Medicine - Finding Balance with the World of Nature

with Donna Guillemin, Plant Spirit Medicine Healer

Earth Day

Sunday, April 22, 2018
11:30am to 1:00pm

Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave.


At the heart of Plant Spirit Medicine is the hope and prayer that healing on all levels can be initiated by re-kindling our connection and relationship with the natural world.

That we as humans are not separate, as the present myth would so desperately have us believe, but that we are truly part of the natural world around us.

For example, the gifts of the changing seasons are not only something that happen outside of us, they also happen inside of us! We experience these raw elements daily as our emotions course through us.

But whereas nature is constantly dancing and fluidly moving through the natural cycles, we humans can get bogged down, lose our momentum and flow and become disenchanted and disheartened.

Fortunately for us, within the dream of Plant Spirit Medicine, the plant spirits are are willing to share their medicine from a deep level of spirit  in order to help us at at deep level of spirit as well.

And yes, these are the very plant spirits that are alive and well and can be found at the heart of the local weeds growing right here, right now, right where we live too.

Donna Guillemin is a Plant Spirit Medicine healer living in Tsawwassen, B.C. She completed the Plant Spirit Medicine training with Eliot Cowan in 1992. Donna continues this work through the Blue Deer Centre with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek. Eliot Cowan is well known for his book Plant Spirit Medicine which was first published in 1995 with Swan and Raven. A new updated edition was released in 2014 by Sounds True. 

Donna credits her inherent love and respect for plants and healing to her grandmother and mother. At an early age she learned that medicine was available everywhere - in plants, song, prayer and nature. Even a bowl of soup coming from Baba’s kitchen was called ‘medicine’!

She also acknowledges that poetry was also a door that helped open the path to Plant Spirit Medicine and the 5 Element Medicine Wheel. As poet Gary Snyder once wrote “But if you do know what is taught by plants and weather, you are in on the gossip and can feel truly at home.” 

Donna relates her experience of studying, being healed with, and practicing Plant Spirit Medicine to that of returning to a dream garden deep within herself.  

Donna welcomes new clients in Tsawwassen as well as Victoria. She can be contacted at 

For more information about current courses and studies offered also contact the Blue Deer Centre.