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Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention—and How to Think Deeply Again ~ with Johann Hari

Sunday, March 13, 2022
10:30am to 11:30am

Live Webinar
[In Pacific Time]


All over the world, our ability to pay attention is collapsing. In the US, college students now focus on one task for only 65 seconds, and office workers on average manage only three minutes. New York Times best-selling author Johann Hari went on an epic journey across the world to meet the leading scientists and experts investigating why this is happening to us – and discovered that everything we think we know on this subject is wrong.

We think our inability to focus is a personal failing – a flaw in each one of us. It is not. This has been done to us – by powerful external forces. Our focus has been stolen. Johann discovered there are twelve deep cases of this crisis, all of which have robbed some of our attention. In Stolen Focus shows how he learned this in a thrilling journey from Silicon Valley to New Zealand and beyond. Crucially, he learned how – as individuals, and as a society – we can get our focus back, if we are determined to fight for it. The answers will surprise and thrill you. This is a book about our attention crisis unlike any you’ve read before.

"I don’t know anyone thinking more deeply, or more holistically, about the crisis of our collective attention than Johann Hari. This book could not be more vital. Please sit with it, and focus.”

Naomi Klein

“If you want to get your attention and focus back, you need to read this remarkable book. Johann Hari has cracked the code of why we’re in this crisis, and how to get out of it. We all need to hear this message.”

Arianna Huffington
“In a world that in Johann Hari’s deft phrasing suffers from ‘mental jet lag,’ his new book is a highly original and wide-ranging investigation into the causes of our epidemic of flagging attention.”

Gabor Maté

“In his unique voice, Johann Hari tackles the profound dangers facing humanity from information technology and rings the alarm bell for what all of us must do to protect ourselves, our children, and our democracies.”

Hillary Clinton
“A visionary, systemic, revolutionary, and practical guide for creating the new world . . . Through his tireless research and genius insight, Johann Hari certainly snapped me to attention. This is a life-changing book.”

Eve Ensler
“A necessary book, a miracle of clarity and depth, and a resonant, deeply researched warning followed by a truly inspiring clarion call to action . . . Read it and weep, then dry your eyes and join in.”

Emma Thompson

Johann Hari is a British writer who has authored two New York Times bestselling books. They have been translated into 38 languages, and been praised by a everyone from Oprah to Noam Chomsky, from Dan Savage to Elton John. Hari's TED talks have been viewed more than 80 million times. His books have transformed the cultural conversation on addiction and depression. Chasing the Scream was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film The United States Vs. Billie Holiday and into a soon-to-be-released documentary presented by Samuel L. Jackson. Lost Connections was described by the British Journal of General Practice as “one of the most important texts of recent years”. He was twice named National Newspaper Journalist of the Year by Amnesty International, and has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, The Spectator, and The Guardian.